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Get Custom Made Floor Drain for Your Home in India

Get Custom Made Floor Drain for Your Home in India

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What is Custom Made or Customized Floor Drain?

Floor drains come in all shapes, sizes and designs. The popular ones are the round and square ones. These days you’ll find liner drains which are often referred to as shower drain channels that integrate with your floors seamlessly giving a luxurious touch to your household spaces. Although you will probably get these designs of drains ready-made only, if you do not, you can get them customized as per your needs of styling and utility. When you get these bathroom fittings modified as per your requirements, they are known as custom-made floor drains or customized floor drains.

Get Custom Made Floor Drain for Your Home in India

Customizations available in Floor Drains by Ruhe

  • Size

Ruhe manufactures all kinds of sizes, the standard ones being 4, 5, 5.5 and 6 inches for round and square floor drains. In case you need a bigger size, you can get it done easily. Even in the liner drain channels, the tile and marble insert drain channels, you might want a bigger or a smaller rectangular drain to fit perfectly in your space without it looking awkward. These drain channels can also be customized as per your needs!

  • Designs

Different types are designs are given to different kinds of floor drains. For instance, a floor drain with a hinge might have square holes on the grating top by default. If you want round holes, we can make it happen! The design of your floor drain matters and brings together the entire flooring of your household.

  • Finishing

Ruhe manufactures floor drains in premium and AISI-304 Grade Stainless Steel. The steel is usually left in its original finish with a smart rustic matte finish. But in case you want it to be glossy and shiny to complement your other bathroom or kitchen fittings, then you can get them customized for a pristine glossy finish.

Types of Customized Floor Drains in India

  1. Stainless Steel Round or Square Floor Drains
  2. Tile or Marble Insert Linear and Long Drain Channels
  3. Custom-Made Insect Trap Floor Drains


What is the best place to buy customized floor drain in India?

Ruhe is one of the top manufacturers of floor drains and drain channels in India. The brand truly cares about the needs of its consumers and therefore gives them a lot of options for customized floor drains. You can easily connect with the online support on the Ruhe website.

Can I customize all types of floor drains at Ruhe?

Yes, you can customize all types of floor drains at Ruhe. Whether they are square or round floor drains, tile-insert or marble-insert drain channels, the sizes, the designs and the finish can be customized for them.

What to do if I want a customized floor drain from Ruhe?

Ruhe has efficient and dedicated customer support that would help you with your customization needs. You just have to connect with customer support through the online website either through a call or WhatsApp, and your needs will be well taken care of.