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Why Should You Buy Brass Wall Mixers Directly from the Manufacturer?

Why Should You Buy Brass Wall Mixers Directly from the Manufacturer

Ayush Jain |

The conventional trade route where a product goes through multiple channel partners (Manufacturer/Importer >>> Distributor >>> Sub-Distributor >>> Retailer >>> End-Consumer), makes the product expensive for the end consumer. This increases the cost of the product and makes it difficult for you as a consumer to get back to the brand in case there is a shortcoming in the product.

Why Should You Buy Brass Wall Mixers Directly from the Manufacturer

Now imagine having the benefit of knowing the ins and outs of your product with no scope of discrepancy and having to pay the most reasonable price for it. This is only possible when you know the brand you are buying from has its manufacturing and sells it directly to you.

Ruhe manufactures thousands of products indigenously like floor drains, sinks, bathroom and toilet accessories, faucets including wall mixers, valves, diverters, etc. All these reach the consumer directly.

Benefits of Buying Brass Wall Mixers from Ruhe – An Indian Manufacturer

  • Easy Access (Online Platform)

Wall mixers and all other products that Ruhe manufactures are available to you directly through its website and several online shopping platforms. The ease of accessibility of the product is greater. The website has all products listed with a proper description of each product. Even big products like kitchen sinks can be bought online, let alone just a wall mixer!

  • Direct Delivery (No Middleman)

Ruhe eliminates the multiple middlemen by indigenously manufacturing and directly selling its products to consumers via its online store and several online shopping platforms. Today, a quality-seeking consumer from a small rural city does not have to travel to a big neighbouring city to buy a variety of bathroom fittings, he can buy Ruhe fittings sitting at home. The exclusion of numerous channels increases transparency in prices and the availability of products with uncompromised quality.

  • Guarantee of Best Brass Raw Material

Wall mixers by Ruhe are manufactured with pure brass ingot. This material effectively resists rusting, lime-scale deposition and corrosion due to hard water. The brass ingot is the best quality of brass available in the market and is used without any adulteration for the manufacturing of wall mixers. The brass is tested for endurance against extreme temperatures, and therefore Ruhe brass wall mixers have lifelong durability.

  • Multiple Brass Wall Mixer Designs

Since Ruhe manufactures the wall mixers from scratch, the brand has the flexibility to experiment with new designs. This is why Ruhe has the widest range of designs not only in its wall mixer vertical but also in other premium and most-selling products like kitchen sinks, drain channels, etc.

  • Direct Interaction with Support

If you need assistance while buying any product or to know the specifications, Ruhe has efficient consumer support that dedicatedly walks you through each aspect of the product – from choosing the best fit to the final procedures of purchase.

  • Easy and Most Reliable Policies

One of the best parts of shopping at Ruhe is that you get to avail the benefits of several policies! For instance, the ‘No-questions-asked’ 30-Days easy return policy wherein you can purchase the product online and return it to us within 30-days from the date of generation of the invoice without any questions being asked from our side. The products are fully refundable within this period!

  • Best Bunch of Offers

Apart from the policies that make the shopping experience of a consumer memorable and easy, Ruhe continuously provides its consumers with exciting offers and discounts throughout the year.

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Get hot and cold water in your kitchen sinks and have a comfortable time cooking and cleaning during all seasons.

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Is Ruhe a Manufacturer providing the top brass wall mixer taps in India?

Yes, Ruhe manufactures 100% made in India Brass Wall Mixers that are running at the top in the market for kitchen and bathroom fittings.

Can I use a non-telephonic wall mixer with a kitchen sink also?

Yes. Non-Telephonic wall mixers are normal wall mixers which can be installed in your sink areas to provide you with the option of hot and cold water even while you wash, clean, and rinse in the Kitchen.

Do I have to change mixer taps every year in India?

No. Ruhe brass wall mixers have a robust composition and build. The minimum warranty for the faucet is 10 years.

Is it possible to get a customized faucet?

Yes. For any customizations you need in your faucets, you may contact Ruhe’s consumer support and convey your requirements. Our dedicated staff will help you out with the same.