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Which is Better – Oval and Square Kitchen Sink in India?

Oval and Square Kitchen Sink in India

Ayush Jain |

Yes, the shape of your kitchen sink matters. The kitchen sink's shape should complement the kitchen's entire appeal. Ultimately, the shape and size of the sink depending on your needs in the kitchen. Different shapes of the kitchen sink have different plus points which add to the ease of conducting your day-to-day kitchen chores.

Oval and Square Kitchen Sink in India

Top Designs of Kitchen Sinks in India

Oval Design Sinks

Many homeowners are of the view that sinks with rounded edges are simpler to clean when determining how to pick a kitchen sink. This is because dirt and food do not get trapped in rounded corners as easily as they do in corners with definite edges. The extra space on the rounded interiors of the rim provides more support for the weight of the sink bowl. The Oval shaped sinks are rounded in the corners at the rim area as well as the surface area.

Oval Design Sinks

Square Design Sinks

A Square modern kitchen sink design may kill two birds with one stone by exhibiting sharp top edges and rounded bottom corners. Here, you get the advantage of both a good design and efficient utility. Apart from this, square sink bowls undergo annealing, a process where the sinks are drawn twice and heated in the furnace for unbeatable ductility. The slightly rounded corners on the sink surface help you keep your sinks clean without any hassles.

Some Common Features of Oval and Square Sinks

  • Available in All Sizes

Oval and square sinks are available in multiple sizes to fit into each and every size of the kitchen. Due to the variety in sizes, Ruhe Kitchen Sinks are the most popular choice among Indian homeowners.

  • Easy Installation

Ruhe kitchen sinks are categorized as drop-in kitchen sinks. Both the oval and square sinks have a drop-in installation type-meaning they can easily be fitted on any countertop with the appropriate cut-out of the kitchen sink slab.

  • Strong Stainless Steel

The oval and square sink bowls are manufactured in AISI 304-Grade Stainless steel which is the best quality of steel. The material has anti-corrosion and rust-resistant properties. The stainless steel is easy to clean and has a stain-proof surface.

  • Available in Dual Bowl for Large Kitchen Area

If you think that a single bowl would not suffice, you can always opt for double bowl kitchen sinks that are available in both shapes- oval and square. With the advantages of the shape, the double bowl kitchen sinks are voluminous and high in functionality.

  • Drainboard Attachment for Both Oval and Square Sinks

A contemporary kitchen sink with an attached drain board is a great choice for any home as it gives you a separate space for food prep, stacking dishes for draining water or piling up used dishes while keeping the sink free for washing. The drainboard option is available in both shapes giving you a wide range from which you can choose.


Are both oval and square kitchen sinks available in the best quality steel?

Yes, both oval sinks and square sinks are manufactured in 304-Grade Stainless Steel which is the best quality of steel available. The steel is ductile, rust resistant and stain-proof.

Can I get a double bowl square kitchen sink in India?

Yes, Ruhe manufactures double bowl kitchen sinks in various sizes. You could purchase a stainless steel double bowl kitchen sink online at RuheIndia.com and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Is a handmade square sink a better choice for modular kitchens?

Handmade sinks are known for their extra-space and beautiful aesthetics. This makes them compatible with both, a traditional kitchen as well as a modern modular kitchen. All that matters is the size and Ruhe gives you many options for sizes in handmade kitchen sinks.

Does Ruhe provide the widest collection of kitchen sinks?

Yes, Ruhe manufactures and sells the largest variety of stainless steel sinks in India in terms of designs, shapes, and sizes. Ruhe also manufactures the best stainless steel handmade kitchen sinks.