Invisible Floor Drain for Shower Areas

Redesigning a bathroom is an exciting endeavour that requires you to make several decisions along the way.

From selecting the appropriate tile or marble to deciding on countertop accessories, cabinetry finishes, and other details, you must also consider both aesthetics and functionality.

Invisible Floor Drain for Shower Areas

Many of us do have a modern bathroom that has the latest accessories, and the trendiest sanitaryware but what about your floor- which largely contributed to your bathroom’s overall appearance? How would you like to have a floor drain that doesn’t look like one? Something that blends seamlessly with your marble or tiled floors?

Well, it’s time to think along the lines of a linear shower drain channel! A long floor drain that doesn’t appear to be a drain with a minimalistic and clean appearance and not to mention- is much easier to clean!

Invisible Shower Drains: SAY WHAT?

A linear shower drain has slightly bigger rectangular-shaped dimensions as compared to a standard round or square floor drain. These long shower drains have a long tile slab top and a tray beneath them with a side hole.

The long slabs take in large amounts of water which gets through the tray and finally into the side hole connected to the sewage. Its location is versatile, since it may be placed along the shower's edge or flat against the wall. To guarantee adequate water flow out of the shower, the floor must slope toward the drain, just like any other drain.

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Why is it a better drainage solution?

Traditional Circular or square floor drain restrict the options of the size and designs of tiles you desire to place due to their positioning and 4-sided pitch. As a result, you are limited to using small tiles.

Because a linear shower drain has a single direction pitch, the size of the tile/marble is not limited. Because the floor must tilt in just one direction, a linear shower drain allows for a greater area for water to get drained quickly.

This provides you with a lot more alternatives when designing. Showers with linear drains tilt toward a wall, allowing you to include a big format of tiles or marble into your floor design.

This implies that a linear shower drain is not only practical but also looks attractive in your décor. Because a linear drain is frequently positioned near a wall, it is less visible.

Linear shower drains function well in showers with no thresholds or barriers. Curbless showers do not have a ledge to keep the water inside the closure. Ultimately, for better water drainage, a linear shower drain covers most of the surface area.

Types available!

These invisible shower drain channels allow you to merge the floor drains with the floor. Check the thickness of your tiles or flooring material and make sure your shower drain is compatible.

Tile Insert – Ruhe’s linear shower drain with Tile insert mechanism are available in different sizes to flawlessly fit the needs and space of your bathroom. The tile insert shower drain channel is perfect for 13mm thick tiles.

Marble Insert - Ruhe Marble insert shower drain channels are available in different sizes to flawlessly fit the needs and space of your bathroom. The Marble insert shower drain channel is perfect for 21mm thick marble.

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