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Which Floor Drain is Better for Toilet in India?

Floor Drain is Better for Toilet in India

Ayush Jain |

These days, with the variety of floor drains that are being manufactured, it becomes important to put in a thought as to which kind of floor drain will aptly fit which space in your home. This is the reason why Ruhe Floor Drains are popular as they cater to each and every space in your household.

Which Floor Drain is Better for Toilet in India

Top Floor Drains for Indian Toilet

  • Stainless Steel Square and Round Drains

Ruhe manufactures aesthetically upgraded floor drains with creative add-ons that make it compatible with the floor they are fitted on. For instance- there are floor drains with cockroach traps and an inbuilt hole for easy attachment of basin, sink or washing machine pipes.

Stainless Steel Square and Round Drains

  • Stainless Steel Drain Channels and Grating Tops

Then there are stainless steel drain channels and grating tops in various sizes that are ideal for installation in places like balconies, terraces, pool areas, shower areas, etc. The stainless steel is long-lasting due to its anti-rusting and corrosive properties. The drain channels also drain huge amounts of water at a time.

  • Tile Insert and Marble Insert Drain Channels

Popularly known as invisible drains, these floor drain blend in with the floors flawlessly. The tile insert drain channels are compatible with 13mm tiles and the marble insert drain channels are fit for 21mm marble.

Benefits of Perfect Drainage on Toilet Floor

  • Quick and Voluminous Drainage

The perfect drainage system and the perfect floor drains from Ruhe are equipped with voluminous drainage technology. The floor drains efficiently slurp in water and keep your bathroom areas and toilet areas dry at all times.

  • Maintains Hygiene and Sanitation

The cockroach traps that are attached to the floor drains effectively prevent any insects from crawling upwards the sewage pipes and into your bathrooms, toilets or any outdoor space. The cockroach traps also diffuse any kind of smell and toxic gases that would make the air space unpleasant. This is the reason why floor drains contribute a great deal in maintaining the hygiene and sanitation in the household.

Maintains Hygiene and Sanitation

  • Zero Blockage, No Flooding

The cockroach trap also helps in preventing blockages due to waste getting collected in the waste pipe. The cockroach trap collects the waste and other residues from that is drained out with the water. This collected waste can be manually disposed off. Due to this there is no blockage in your waste pipes and no flooding in the bathroom.

  • Flooring Does Not Discolor

The stagnant water on the bathroom floors is one of the biggest reasons for tile/floor discoloring. When there is no flooding, and the water is drained quickly, there is no scope for the waste water to remain stagnant on the floor. This keeps your bathrooms and other spaces new for a long time.

Flooring Does Not Discolor

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Is it necessary to install floor drains in the toilet area?

Yes. It is absolute essential to install a floor drain in the toilet area, especially if you have a big bathroom. In case of a small bathroom, the floor drain beneath the wash basin can be a common fitting between the toilet area and the washbasin. But in a big bathroom, it is a question of hygiene and sanitation. It keeps your toilet area dry and clean at all times.

Does Ruhe have the largest variety of floor drains in India?

Yes. Ruhe is one of the leading brands in the market for manufacturing the largest variety and designs of floor drains in India.

Is it possible to stop insects enter to the toilet via the floor drain?

Yes. Cockroach Trap floor drains effectively prevent pests like cockroaches from entering your bathrooms from the sewage or waste pipes. This helps in keeping your bathroom free from any infections and diseases.

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