Promoting Healthy Living through Ruhe Products

Ruhe grew with the vision to contribute to the preservation of the environment. The products were designed in such a way that they would help in creating a healthy environment and induce wellness into the lifestyles of the consumers.

Here’s how the idea behind the design of every product is unique: 

  • Showerheads for sustainability

With the deteriorating quality of the water sources, it is crucial that you install showerheads that can at least save you from the horrible consequences such as hair fall, skin diseases, watery eyes, etc., caused due to hard water or limescale deposition. Ruhe showers are equipped with silicone nozzles that make them really easy to clean. You just have to rub the nozzles with your thumb to clear out all the dirt, impurities, or limescale that have been deposited in the showerhead. Moreover, the showerheads are manufactured in premium heavy-duty stainless steel which is rust and corrosion resistant, making them all the more long-lasting.

These showerheads also provide maximum relaxation by exploiting minimum water supply due to their intense-pressure technology. These rain showers evenly spray water throughout at a constant pressure even if the pressure of your water supply at home is low. An aerating overhead shower produces a strong shower spray while consuming less water and electricity.

  • Health Faucets for a Germ-Free Experience

Ruhe attempts to surround you with products and technology that protect you from contact with germs or bacteria in your most private space. Ever since the notion of safety has evolved, we now place a greater emphasis on health at home through our Health Faucets. These hand showers for toilets are made from heavy-duty brass that is corrosion-resistant and abstains from any deposition of salts. This prevents skin problems such as rashes, infections or any other dermatological problems that may be caused due to the reaction between hard water and rust.

  • Floor Drains with Cockroach trap

Cockroaches and other pests contaminate surfaces, ruin fabric and paper, spread diseases, induce allergies, create terrible scents, and spread various other ailments. Installing a floor drain with a cockroach trap helps to reduce the number of cockroaches and other pests entering the bathroom through the drainage system. It also prevents bad odours and toxic gases from the sewage from polluting the air space. These floor traps are manufactured in AISI-304 Grade Stainless Steel that vouches for unbeatable durability.

You never know how making these small changes in your bathroom may greatly impact your lifestyle and health!
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