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Know Your Floor Drains - 5 Things to Buy Floor Drain

Know Your Floor Drains - 5 Things to Buy Floor Drain

Shahab Khan |

Floor drains form an integral part of every household or for that matter any environment. The sanitary condition of a place can be judged by the kind and number of floor drains that have been installed in that place. Floor drains basically cover the drain holes that are dug on the floors of bathrooms, toilets, washing areas or kitchens.

The floor drains act as a filter in the water drain, becoming the point of entry for wastewater from the toilet or bathroom into the sewage pipe. It filters contaminants such as hair, plastics, and other trash so that they do not escape the drainage hole and block the pipe. Puddles in the bathroom or toilet may also be avoided by using a floor drain to avoid dirt and rubbish from blocking the drain.

Needless to say, floor drains are not that simple but not that complicated too!
Here are a few things that will definitely give you a clue about these bathroom fittings and help you make better choices: 



    Floor drains usually come in two shapes- Round and Square. Ruhe manufactures both shapes each of which has its own advantages. However, the main thing that requires consideration is the kind of drain hole that is cut out in the space where you need the floor drain to be installed. The shape also matters when it comes to aesthetics! Today with diverse designs in bathroom fittings where some have squarish sleek edges and some have curvy rounded sides, you can actually choose the shape of the floor drain which would complement the other fittings installed.

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      Before buying a floor drain online, be sure that you have measured the drain hole. Floor drains come in various sizes ranging from 4 to 12 inches. It is advisable that you choose a floor drain with a jali that has a significant number of filter holes and of small sizes to ensure that waste is properly filtered.


        A flat cut floor drain has flat edges which makes it easier to install and does not require any professional assistance. You just need to place it over the drain hole and affix it using some plumbing adhesive (cement, POP). The floor drain with a collar has curved edges and needs to be installed by cutting the floor (marble). This provides sturdiness to the floor drain as it does move in case there is a heavy or high-pressured flow of water.


          A cockroach trap is basically a 3-layered structure that comes attached with a square floor drain or round floor drain. It consists of an inner cup, an outer cup and the drain jail. These traps tend to hold a little amount of water at all times under the drain which acts as a barrier for insects and pests that might crawl into your space through the sewage pipes. In the current times buying a floor drain with a cockroach trap is a sensible choice considering the rising importance of hygiene and sanitation.

          • MATERIAL

            Floor drains are usually manufactured in steel, but even steel has its own kinds and ranges. It completely depends on the kind of space you want your floor drains to be installed. In bathrooms and toilets where water drainage is a regular thing, you can go for AISI-304 Grade Stainless Steel and in places like balconies, terraces, and Offices you could go for a Premium Stainless Steel. Both the steels are heavy duty and have anti-corrosion and rust-resistant properties.