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Why Brass Water Tap is Best for Kitchen and Bathroom?

Why Brass Water Tap is Best for Kitchen and Bathroom

Ayush Jain |

How often do you go out for Faucet shopping? Or how many times have you shopped for faucets or water taps online? Rarely, right?

Because these are some products that you would want to last longer because of their constant usability. We use water taps EVERY DAY and therefore it is imperative that you should buy the best faucets with the best material once and for all!

For centuries, Kitchen and bathroom fittings have been manufactured in Brass. With the advancement in technology and science, the material has enhanced making it the best material for structuring a water tap as it is known to be the most versatile, lead-free, durable material that lasts for a long time even with heavy usage.

Why Brass Water Tap is Best for Kitchen and Bathroom

Get to know a little bit more about why you should be investing in brass faucets while renovating your kitchens and bathrooms in the future!

Benefits of Kitchen & Bathroom Brass Water Tap

Strong & Durable

The durability of solid brass is well recognized. Fixtures and Faucets built of the material will survive for decades and can withstand the wear and tear that bathroom and kitchen faucets and other parts are subjected to. In reality, brass fixtures nearly usually outperform other materials in terms of resistance to hot water damage and other corrosive environmental conditions, including plastic and steel. Furthermore, its durability makes it difficult to get damaged due to consistent heavy use.

Minimal Maintenance

Fixtures made of unpolished solid brass usually form a patina easily and produce a realistic antique color over time. This gives the faucet a natural, aged appearance while requiring little maintenance. Polished or brass that has been finished with an electrophoretic coating to prevent tarnishing or ageing. remains shinier. It does not easily display fingerprints or wet marks. So, whether polished or unpolished brass faucets, either way the effort to maintain these water taps is minimal.


Brass is germicidal, which means it kills microorganisms that can cause harm to the human body when consumed. So, in addition to being wear-resistant and lasting a long time, it also eliminates germs. What else does a faucet material require?

Resistant to High Temperatures

Brass can endure extremely high temperatures; in fact, it is fire resistant. Brass faucets would be ideal for hot water distribution in your bathroom washbasins, shower areas or kitchen sinks.


Since brass is so often used in bathrooms and kitchens, it's easy to find practically any plumbing component or fixture made of the material, making bathroom part replacement a breeze. Furthermore, solid brass Faucets are available in a variety of finishes, making them suitable for any style of kitchen and bathroom, from antique to contemporary. It is available in number of finishes – chrome, bronze, nickel, virgin.

Types of Brass Taps:

Sink Tap with Swivel Spout for Kitchen

These brass faucets are the most ideal type of faucets you could get install in your kitchens. The sink taps have a swivel spout which means that the enlongeated body of the tap can rotate giving you the freedom to choose the direction of the flow of water. Works best with double bowl kitchen sinks!

Bib Water Tap in Small Sizes

The most basic water taps you would find in your homes. These brass water taps are wall mounted and have an easy quarter-turn operation. You could install them above basins in bathroom, or kitchen sinks, in your gardens, and practically anywhere you wish to have a water supply in your home.

Pillar Tap for Bathroom Basin

These are the best kinds of brass faucets with a counter-top installation type. With the modern table top washbasins in the bathroom these days, these pillar taps look stylish when installed with bottle traps underneath your wash basin.

Bib Long Body Tap for Basin or Sink

This tap is same as any bib tap but the nozzle or the outlet of water is a little elongated than usual. This allows the water flow to fall at a distance from the wall the tap is installed on. Works best with undermount kitchen sinks wash basins.

Nozzle Bib Tap for Washing Machine

These bib taps have a removable nozzle made up of brass that can be attached/detached as per your convenience. The best use of these brass bib taps is that they allow you to attach pipes for different appliances like washing machines and dishwashers without any hassle. They work well with garden pipes also!

Single Lever Basin Hot and Cold Mixer Tap

These brass mixer water taps are the most useful, practical and aesthetically neat taps you can ask for, for your bathroom wash basins or kitchen sinks. They have a single handle that operates the hot and cold and on and off functions of the tap.

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Is it possible to use Tap with Swivel Spout for a large kitchen sink?

Yes, why not! In fact, a brass faucet with a swivel spout would be the perfect choice for a large kitchen sink. You would get the liberty to rotate the spout as per your convenience based on which side of the kitchen sink you require water. Moreover, large kitchen sinks mean big pots and pans, and washing these big utensils will surely require flexibility in the direction of the water flow.

What are some best washbasin brass taps for long-term use?

It goes without saying that any brass faucet is a faucet that would last in your kitchens and bathrooms for a long time! For your washbasins, you could go for Pillar Taps or Single Lever Basin Mixers. As they say, its always in the simple things.

Which tap is best for a Modular Kitchen sink?

As fancy as a modular kitchen sounds, to complement it you require brass faucets that have the equal level of contemporariness! You could go for swan neck with swivel spout brass faucets, or wall mount sink mixer. They’ll surely do the trick for you.