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Find Perfect Faucet for Your Home

Find Perfect Faucet for Your Home

Shahab Khan |

Faucets have become an integral part of all households today as they contribute to the aesthetics and experience of your bathroom and kitchen. They are literally the pinnacles of functionality and flair and need the utmost deliberation before you get them installed in your homes.

Every room in your house is a reflection of your personality. In a nutshell, you must develop it in a way that genuinely expresses your artistic sensibility.

The world of bathroom and kitchen fittings has its own jargon which at times becomes hard to understand. This creates a problem for people who wish to buy a particular faucet but have a hard time explaining what they need.

Here’s a list of the most commonly used Ruhe faucets, their industrial name, and their function to make help you the next time you go shopping!


Bib cocks are the most commonly used water taps in homes. They are wall-mounted faucets with spouts equipped with German Foam Flow Technology. The outlet has an aerator that adds air to the water flow making it soft on the skin and reducing the splashes. These bib cock faucets can be installed near toilet areas, shower spaces, washing areas, gardens etc.


In this scenario, the Angular Stop Cock allows water to flow from a single point control system to all outlets, delivering a controlled flow of water. These angle cocks are intended to provide water access points by connecting them to a single source of water. The Chrome electroplating keeps the faucet's immaculate gloss intact for a long time. The angle cocks also known as angle valves or angle stop cocks are usually with geysers, water purifiers, toilet areas, etc.

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Mixer simply means that the faucet is capable of delivering both hot and cold water from the same spout. Some mixer faucets have a single handle, which when turned right/left would supply water at the desired temperature, while some have double handles to turn on hot or cold water separately. Sink mixers can be installed on top of kitchen sinks or washbasins as they have a table-mounted installation type. The wall mixers are usually installed in shower areas. Some wall mixers come with a tip-ton button, which enables you to attach a hand shower to it.


Spout simply means the outlet of the faucet from where the water is delivered. Now you might have heard of swivel spouts as they are the modern faucets and a must-have for every household. The faucets with a swivel spout can rotate enabling you to change the direction of the flow of water. These are mostly used with kitchen sinks, especially with double bowl kitchen sinks where you just have to install one swivel spout faucet in the middle and can swivel/rotate the spout to deliver water to either of the sink bowls.


As the name suggests-the diverter is plumbing equipment that helps divert the flow of water from one outlet to the other. The shower diverter ensures that water flows freely between the showerhead and the bath faucet. A diverter is just a tiny faucet used in the shower areas that directs the flow of water from the shower valve to one of up to three different outputs- bath spout, hand shower and the overhead shower.

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