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Customized Kitchen Sink to Fulfil Your Kitchen Needs

Customized Kitchen Sink to Fulfil Your Kitchen Needs

Ayush Jain |

Can’t find the perfect sink for your kitchens online? Don’t worry! We have got your back!
Ruhe, an Indian Manufacturer, gives you options to customize your kitchen sinks as per your needs so that your kitchen sink area works to its full potential and adds beautifully to the overall aesthetic!

Customized Kitchen Sink to Fulfil Your Kitchen Needs

What Types of Kitchen Sinks can you customize?

Single Bowls

Ruhe offers smart and strong stainless steel oval and square single-bowl kitchen sinks that are hydraulically drawn. These sinks are available in multiple sizes and work well with both small, large and commercial kitchens.

Double Bowls

First off, having a double bowl gives you more room, versatility, and alternatives when it comes to using your sink for a variety of tasks. While preparing meals on one side, you can wash dishes as you go on the other or store dirty dishes until you have time to clean them. You have space for dishes to soak while being washed on the opposite side. Separate fragile objects like glassware from heavy dirty dishes, and dry clean dishes on one side while washing them on the other.

Single Bowls with Drainboards

These single bowl kitchen sinks with drainboards make for a classy and clever choice for modern-day kitchens as they provide extra space for a lot of kitchen activities like cleaning, food preparation, chopping, drying, defrosting, etc. The drainboards also have grooves that allow the water on them to drain quickly allowing your utensils and other kitchen stuff to dry faster.

What can you get customized in your sinks?

Ruhe is the first direct-to-customer brand that allows you to make customizations on the kitchen sinks, you purchase!

FINISH: It has to look good in your kitchen!

The appearance of the kitchen sink definitely matters. No matter how much you would want to overlook it, it will still carry a lot of weight because the kitchen sink area is one of the most important areas in the kitchen. Ruhe offers you the option of a beautiful brushed matte finish that adds a modern touch to your sinks and blends well with the contemporary décor. On the other hand, you also have the option of a glossy finish which is the traditional yet classy look for a kitchen sink. The highly-reflective glossy finish gives the kitchen a pristine and neat look.

Tap Hole: Wherever you need!

Usually, the kitchen sinks come with a centre hole drilled on the rim of a conventional hydraulically drawn sink. But we offer you the option for customization in terms of changing the place of the hole. It depends on the kind of kitchen sink faucets you wish to install in your kitchen sink. These days people also installed an RO Tap on the sink itself. We provide the choice to get your desired tap holes in the places you wish to get on your kitchen sinks.

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Which is the best-customized kitchen sink manufacturer brand?

Ruhe is the best and fastest-growing kitchen sink brand in India. In fact, it is one of the first brands that offer you options for customized sinks.

Can I order a custom-made sink from Ruhe?

Yes. You can order custom-made kitchen sinks from Ruhe’s online website. All you need to do is connect with our consumer support and they will efficiently take care of your needs.

Are customized kitchen sinks are available for small kitchens?

Yes. Be it a small kitchen or big kitchen, you can customize all your stainless steel kitchen sinks.

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