Top Indian Brand Now Manufacturing Brass Diverters

India has a strong manufacturing industry, and many Indian manufacturers produce high-quality bathroom products, including diverters. These companies use advanced technology and employ skilled workers to produce products that meet international standards.

In addition, some Indian manufacturers focus on producing products that are specifically designed to withstand the harsh Indian climate and water conditions. For example, in many parts of India, the water is hard and contains high levels of minerals, which can cause corrosion and damage to bathroom fixtures over time. Manufacturers in India have developed products that are resistant to these conditions, making them more durable.

Manufacturing of Brass Diverter is Now Done by an Indian Brand

How Made in India Brass Diverters are Best to Use?

  • Easy to Find Online

Indian manufacturers who sell their products to their customers directly do so by presenting and promoting their products and diverters online as it is the largest marketplace. So, these Indian manufacturing brands for diverters and other bathroom and kitchen fittings are easy to find online.

  • Brass Ingot Material

Indian manufacturers understand the needs and the quality requirement of Indian households and use the best and the purest quality – Brass Ingot for manufacturing the diverters. The material is long-lasting and compatible with the Indian climate and weather conditions.

  • Cost-effective

Since diverters are heavy-duty internal bathroom fittings which once installed are expected to work for years and years together, they are usually on the higher side of the pricing. However, Indian manufacturers who are selling directly are able to cut the irrelevant costs and offer the same quality of diverters at a much more reasonable cost.

  • Warranty

Indian manufacturers understand the Indian economy and the needs of the population. For a product like a bathroom diverter, until and unless the manufacturer gives a good amount of warranty, the product is not going to sell. But manufacturers who use pure quality and good mechanisms and technology to produce the diverters do not shy away from giving long warranties. (Ruhe Divertors come with 10 years of warranty!)

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Types Of Diverters

  • Single Lever 2-Inlet Diverter

A single lever 2-inlet diverter is a type of bathroom diverter that allows you to control the flow of water between two different water outlets. This type of diverter has a single lever that you can turn or adjust to divert the water flow between the two outlets and control the temperature of the flow as well. The 2-inlet diverter is commonly used in shower systems that have a fixed showerhead and a handheld showerhead or a faucet spout. With the single lever, you can easily switch between the two outlets, depending on your needs.

  • Single Lever 2-Inlet Hi-Flow Diverter

The only difference between a normal 2-inlet and a HI-FLOW 2-inlet diverter is the size of the cartridge. In the former, a 40mm cartridge is used, in the latter, a 46mm cartridge is used. The 46mm cartridge manages low pressure of the water especially if your overhead tanks are installed at a lower height. The rest of the functioning and the features remain the same.

  • 3-Inlet (5-Way) Diverter

A 3-inlet diverter, also known as a five-way diverter, is a type of plumbing fixture that allows you to divert water flow between three different outlets. It typically has three inlet ports and two outlet ports, allowing you to control the water flow between three different showerheads, sprays, or other water outlets.

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