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Top Kitchen Sink Ideas for Better Kitchen Design

Top Kitchen Sink Ideas for Better Kitchen Design

Shahab Khan |

Kitchen sinks are the lifeline of a kitchen, rather it is the key to sustenance for the entire household. The kitchen sink offers a contained space for chores that require water and reduces splatter and the mess that the water creates. It supplies water for all your cooking and washing needs.

A kitchen sink is a necessity, so much so that we often overlook its design and aesthetic appeal. But the fact of the matter is that every space, be it a residential or commercial requires a kitchen sink as a basic minimum need. From maintaining cleanliness to providing freshness to your food, kitchen sinks can comfortably be referred to as the centrepiece of the entire space it is installed in.

But how would you style your sinks? What designs would you choose? How can kitchen sinks be made to look beautiful? How to choose from thousands of varieties in the market?

Well listed below are a few ideas that could help you with making your kitchen and the kitchen sink areas stylish:

Placing Matters!

You need to give the placing of your kitchen sinks a deep thought before you remodel your kitchen. The kind of kitchen sink you want to buy including its size will completely depend on the shape of your kitchen space. For instance, if the kitchen is a square or room, placing the kitchen sink in the corner which has a window is ideal, in case the kitchen space is a rectangle in shape, you can place the sink in the middle of one of the sides slabs, for L-shape spaces, the most perfect placing would be at the end of the L which would make a division to the kitchen and give it an organized look.

Traditional Touch with Handmade Kitchen Sinks

If you want to give your kitchens the traditional ‘Indianess’ you must go for Ruhe’s beautifully handcrafted kitchen sinks that have a rustic finish with well-defined edges. The sinks come with a stunning matte finish which would definitely add a lot of character to your space. Trust us, nothing speaks volumes than a super spacious handmade kitchen sink which indeed offers more space than the normal sinks. Moreover, the handmade kitchen sinks have slightly rounded corners which prevent dirt or waste from getting stuck in them. This feature helps your kitchen sink to be spik and span at all times without much effort.

Contemporary effects with Square Kitchen Sinks

The modern square kitchen sinks are the new in-thing for modern kitchens or you could say modular kitchens. Their spectacular super glossy finish blends beautifully with the contemporary aesthetics of a modular kitchen. Ruhe’s square kitchens are hydraulically drawn twice- after the first drawing, the sinks are heated in a furnace and then drawn again. This process is called annealing and makes the sinks ductile preventing them from cracking or damage due to extreme temperatures of water.

Bring in the boldness with Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Double bowl kitchen sinks are super-efficient and effective in households or places where the kitchens are continuously in use. Not only do they provide an extra sink bowl, but they do add a bold character to your overall kitchen aesthetic. The two kitchen sink bowls with a sleek swan neck with a swivel spout sink mixer faucet in the middle of the sink would be the perfect combination. Ruhe’s double bowl kitchen sinks come in different sizes, so it does not make it necessary whether your kitchens are big or small. Double bowls are usually versatile and help you multifunction. One bowl can be used to keep the dirty dishes while the other can be used for washing, while one bowl can be used to wash veggies and fruits, the other may be used to thaw or dry washed food items and so on. But, if you have a big household or a big kitchen space, you must opt for a double bowl kitchen sink!

Add some Greens!

Adding some greens to your kitchen, especially near the kitchen sinks could do wonders for uplifting the entire appearance of the kitchen space. You could place small plant pots or succulents on the window sill adjacent to or in front of the kitchen sink, or let a beautiful money plant or any other climber crawl through the edges of your sink over the adjoining window. This would add a blast of freshness to your kitchen giving it a green and clean look.