The Right Shower Drain Channel for Your Bathroom or Shower Room

A shower drain channel usually consists of a tray, an outlet surface, and a sludge trap. It allows water to drain and collect in a channel that is directly connected to the household plumbing system. The shower drains are usually fitted with a removable steel grating, which serves the dual purpose of allowing water to flow out while also collecting hair and solid waste, preventing the drain from clogging.

The most popular models at the moment include a tile insert shower drain channel made of AISI 304 grade stainless steel for high durability and fitted with an anti-odour trap, floor drain, and hair filter. Another popular model is the marble insert shower drain channel with a self-cleaning filter for maximum hygiene.

Ruhe’s shower drains channels provide an artistic solution to shower drainage, bringing the design to a new level. These high-quality channels satisfy all of the practical, aesthetic, and functional requirements of today’s modern shower wet rooms. Ruhe shower channels are available in different models, and each model comes in various lengths.

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Different Variations in Shower Drain Channel

Wave Shower Drain Channel

The Wave shower drain channel has a wave-shaped grate, giving a textured, rustic and edgy look. Sturdy shower channels come with cockroach traps to prevent smells, foul gases, and pests from entering and polluting the air space. It is equipped with voluminous drainage technology to allow water to drain quickly and is suitable for bathing areas such as rain showers, swimming pool areas, and commercial kitchens.

Palo Shower Drain Channel

The Ruhe Palo Shower Drain Channel offers a long rectangular drain format that removes water from the shower pan with ease. This drain has a closely-knit square grate for a seamless transition from drain to shower floor to create the ultimate at-home spa experience. The Palo shower channels are suitable for bathrooms, hotels, hospitals, balconies, showers, swimming pools, office buildings, etc.

Vertical Shower Drain Channel

The long line and clean design of the vertical shower drain channel are attractive and have more installation opportunities. This drain can be installed in different parts of the shower, making it more versatile than standard drains. The vertical shower channels have a vertical grate and are made of superior AISI 304 grade stainless steel, which makes them corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic.

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