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Use of Various Floor Drains – Bathroom and Shower Floor Drain

Use of Various Floor Drains – Bathroom and Shower Floor Drain

Shahab Khan |

Floor drains are important but one must know which floor drains to install that appropriately solves the purpose.

Following is a list of 6 intellectually designed floor drains, each of which has its set of superiorities and would fully accomplish any requirements.

Floor Drain with Inbuilt Hole

Ruhe manufactures and sells a variety of floor drains. However, it understands the basic needs of its consumers and has a solution to every drainage problem- and that is exactly why it offers a variety of floor drain designs with an inbuilt hole!

YES, a hole that lets you attach your kitchen sink drain pipes, washing machine wastewater pipes, dishwasher pipes, or drainage pipes of any appliance that is installed. The inbuilt hole is of a standard size which can fit any drainage pipe easily. When you attach the pipes directly to the floor drain, it prevents all the mess, the flooding of water creates.

Also, since the hole is in the middle, the rest of the grating top still works as a customary floor drain. So it is not like when you attach a drainage pipe to your floor drain, the usual function of it is just paralyzed.

Rotating Lock Floor Drain

Ruhe’s new floor drain designs have a rotating grating top jali. This drain cover/Jali rotates and locks itself to the drain frame. This locking system helps you to keep the drain jali in its place at all times.

The grating top once locked does not move from the drain frame even if there is a heavy influx of water. The floor drain can be installed in bathrooms, balconies, and large open spaces.

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Floor Drain with Hinged Grating Top

Another thoughtful creation by Ruhe is the floor drain with a hinged grating top. Usually, with a removable grating top or Drain Jali, it often happens that you tend to misplace the grating top.

But with this new feature, the drain Jali is hinged to the floor drain frame at all times. This not only helps to easily clean the floor drain but also allows super drainage in case of a high flow of water- you just have to pull up the grating top and let the water drain quickly.

These hinged floor-drain covers are suitable for installation in Bathrooms, garden areas, and open spaces where the accumulation of water or flooding is usual.

Shower Drain Channel

Ruhe’s AISI-Grade Stainless Steel shower drain channels are beautifully engineered linear floor drains that are equipped with voluminous drainage technology. These shower-drain channels are rectangular in shape and come in different sizes to suit your requirements.

These long floor drains for showers come with a side hole, tray and a cockroach trap. As efficient as a floor drain, shower drain channels are truly an example of affordable luxury.

Their designer grating tops give a modern touch to your shower space. The shower drain channels can be installed in bathrooms, rain showers, commercial kitchens and swimming pool areas.

Marble/Tile Insert Drain Channel

Keeping style, modernity and luxury in mind, the Marble Insert and the Tile Insert shower drain channels are designed to effortlessly blend in with your bathroom floors to give an invisible integrated look.

The marble insert floor drain channel is specially built for 21mm marble wherein you need not cut or grind the marble to reduce its thickness. Similarly, the tile insert floor drain is designed especially for 13mm tiles.

These sophisticated floor tile drainage systems give an unbroken look as they are integrated with your floor’s marble or tile. These drain channels are perfect bathroom fittings for contemporary bathrooms.

Simple Long Gratings

Ruhe also offers simple grating tops for installation in large open spaces such as garages, gardens, terraces, swimming pool areas, commercial kitchens, religious institutions etc.

These grating tops or Drain Jali’s are manufactured in heavy-duty stainless steel with anti-rusting and corrosion-resistant qualities. They have a good load-bearing capacity and are ideal for installation in public areas. Their size enables them to drain large amounts of water within no time.