Types of Taps That Match Best for Kitchen Sink

When it comes to designing your kitchen, the details make all the difference. Matching your taps to your kitchen sink is not just a matter of aesthetics: it's about creating a cohesive look, ensuring long-term design relevance, and optimising functionality and performance.

Types of Taps That Match Best for Kitchen Sink

Why Match Tap with Kitchen Sink?

  • Modern Look: A matched tap and sink are essential for a streamlined, modern kitchen aesthetic. They can either blend in seamlessly or provide a striking contrast that stands out as a focal point.
  • Long-Term Design: Trends come and go, but a matched tap and sink have a timeless quality that ensures your kitchen design remains stylish and current.
  • Functionality and Performance: Taps designed to complement specific sinks often offer better functionality, like optimal water flow and direction, making kitchen tasks more efficient.

Types of Taps with Different Kitchen Sinks

  1. Black Pull-Out Mixer Tap with Black Quartz Sink: Perfect for modern kitchens, the black on black provides a sleek, unified appearance and the pull-out feature offers convenience for various kitchen tasks.
  2. Pavo Black Tap with Single Drainboard Sink: This combination ensures ease of use with stylish overtones, fitting for both contemporary and traditional kitchens.
  3. 360° Brass Mixer Tap with Handmade Single Sink: The swivel function of a 360° brass mixer tap adds versatility, and when paired with a handmade single sink, it exudes an industrial-chic vibe.
  4. Swan Neck Brass Tap with Handmade Drainboard Sink: The elegance of a swan neck brass tap complements the rustic charm of a drainboard sink, blending functionality with classic beauty.
  5. PTMT Silver Sink Tap with Quartz Smoke Grey Sink: Durable and cost-effective, PTMT (Polytetramethylene Terephthalate) taps in silver can match the cool tones of a smoke grey quartz sink for a subtle and professional look.
  6. PTMT Ocean Sink Tap with Quartz Crystal White Sink: A crystal white sink paired with a durable PTMT tap reflects cleanliness and purity, suitable for any kitchen.
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Frequently Asked Queries

Is there any sink that comes with a matched tap?

Some manufacturers like Ruhe offer sink and PTMT / brass tap combinations, ensuring an exact match in design and finish.

What taps go with a stainless steel sink?

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are versatile and can be matched with almost any tap. Chrome, brushed nickel, or even matte black taps can complement stainless steel well.

Do all mixer taps fit the kitchen sink?

Not all mixer taps will fit every sink; compatibility depends on the size of the tap hole and the design of the sink.

Is a mixer tap better than two taps?

Mixer taps offer more convenience by allowing you to mix hot and cold water to the desired temperature with a single handle. They are considered better for ease of use and modern design preferences.

Matching the right tap with your kitchen sink can elevate your kitchen's style and functionality, so it's worth considering this detail in your kitchen design plan.

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