Which is Best for Bathroom Towel Ring, Rod, or Rack?

Towels have become an important element in everyone’s bathrooms. It has its own aesthetic appeal as well as a designated place to hang or keep, and an essential for maintaining hygiene.

Manufacturers are producing a huge variety of bathroom accessories that help us make the bathroom space comfortable and practical. A few such accessories that are often found in every bathroom are towel rings, rods and even towel racks.

Which is Best for Bathroom Towel Ring, Rod, or Rack

Why Towel Ring, Rod, or Rack is Important for the Bathroom?

These bathroom accessories are important to store the clothes as well as the towels you require while you are using the bathroom. They keep these towels and clothes dry and give an organized look to the bathroom. Imagine having to keep fresh clean towels on the floor because you do not have a designated place to hang them for post-bath usage! This is why storage of essentials is as important as having them.

Towel Ring

Towel rings or commonly known as napkin rings are small bathroom accessories that are usually installed near your mirrors above the wash basin areas. The towel rings are used to store small hand towels which you would require after hand washing. These towel rings make for a stylish appearance in the bathroom. Available in stainless steel and ABS polymer, these towel rings can also be installed near your toilet seat area.

Towel Rods

A straight long rectangular or round rod is wall mounted on either of the walls inside the bathroom to hang towels and clothes. The towel rods are strong and sturdy and have a good load-bearing capacity. These rods are sleek and have polished edges that prevent any cloth tearing or ripping. The towel rods can be installed in shower areas, or opposite the washbasin vanity area depending on the space.

Towel Racks

Towel racks are the most versatile among the three storage bathroom accessories. The towel racks have a shelf on which you can easily store properly folded clothes or towels, it also have a rod on which you could hang more clothes and towels, and some hooks on the rod as well for additional space. These towel racks are like a mini closet in the bathroom. With a strong hold on the wall, they can carry heavy loads and are easy to maintain. These days, Ruhe Foldable Racks are also available that allow you to fold the shelf structure when not in use.

Some Related Queries

Is the stainless-steel towel rod best or I can use a plastic towel rod?

Stainless steel bathroom accessories are the most compatible in Indian households with respect to climatic and water conditions. The stainless-steel rods are any day better than plastic towel rods.

How can I get a towel rack online without paying delivery charges?

Ruhe manufactures stainless steel towel racks and sells them online through its official website. You can buy a towel rack online at Ruhe and if your order qualifies for free delivery, you may get a towel rack without having to pay extra for delivery.

Which company is the top manufacturer of towel rings?

Ruhe is India’s top manufacturer of bathroom accessories including stainless steel and ABS Polymer tower rings. These are trending bathroom accessories that have become an important fitting in every bathroom.

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