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Sustainable Practices At Ruhe


Ayush Jain |

Environment Friendly Manufacturing Practices

Sustainability is all about different green approaches to doing business. The word sustainability has entered mainstream economics as a buzzword for environmentally friendly business strategies that have been implemented into several corporate plans.

Likewise, sustainability has always been a part of Ruhe’s vision since the beginning. Not only does the brand aim at producing 100% made-in-India products, but also intends to achieve sustainable manufacturing and production practices that lessen the burden on the environment.


The raw materials utilised to manufacture quality products at Ruhe are procured within India. Ruhe faucets, overhead showers, sinks, floor drains and many other product verticals are primarily manufactured in Brass Ingot and 304-Grade Stainless steel. Both are eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable and completely safe for drinking water supply and consumption. Brass Ingot has zero lead content making it the safest material that could be used to manufacture faucets.


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Apart from this, the products come with exclusive, premium and eco-friendly packaging. Each product comes carefully wrapped in soft linen reusable cloth bag. The 3-layer corrugated boxes are recyclable and help the product remain damage-free. Ruhe practices a MINIMUM PLASTIC PACKAGING Policy and aims to get this to ZERO in a few years. In addition to this, in the collaborations with Plumbers across India, Ruhe encourages them to use the Jute Bags that it provides to the plumbers free of cost, to store and carry their tools.

water saving faucet
Ruhe’s green practices also include the conservation of one of the most essential natural resources; water. Ruhe manufactures faucets and overhead showers with special water-saving designs. These bathroom fittings come with German Foam Flow Aerators that are effectively tested to conserve water. The mechanism is that the aerators add air bubbles to the water flow making it look like high-pressure water flow, even with a low-pressure water supply. They restrict the high-pressure flow and add air (the process is called aeration) to the flow, making the illusion of soft and bubble high-pressured water flow.

Amidst the pandemic, Ruhe recognized the need of saving water where people were asked to wash their hands 20-30 times a day for avoiding the spread of the disease. Ruhe’s sensor faucets were introduced which were specially engineered to save over 70% of water.

minimum waste generation
Keeping in mind the increasing problem of waste management in the country, Ruhe takes pride in manufacturing high-quality products that come with long guarantees of up to 10 years. The products like brass faucets, stainless steel sinks, floor drains and shower drain channels are tested for their long-lasting durability. Where the common household would want to change their bathroom & kitchen fittings every 2 years, installing Ruhe products with guaranteed resilience and longevity, the time period for changing these fittings increases, resulting in minimal waste generation.

Ruhe’s manufacturing units are equipped with efficient dust-collector machines that provide a clean and dust-free atmosphere for the workforce in the factories. Environmentally viable Piped Natural Gas (PNG) is used for manufacturing activities like melting brass. The fuel is eco-friendly and does not contribute to CO2 emissions.

Water conservation and prevention of water pollution have also been duly considered under Ruhe’s sustainability agenda. Effluent Waste Treatment Plants are deployed in the major manufacturing units where wastewater from the factory is treated and neutralized before it is drained into the main sewage. In addition to this, Ruhe also judiciously utilizes the monsoons to store the rainwater for the purpose of different industrial tasks.

Ruhe is proud to be a part of the Solar bandwagon and has some Units that are partially powered by solar energy giving uncompromised outputs. The company aims to be running on 100% renewable energy in the next 10 years.

green campaigns
Under “Ruhe Grows Green”, the Company has carried out several manufacturing drives in the past few years. The most prominent one is in Shri Karanpur, Rajasthan, where the Company planted over 5000 trees, and has made deliberate efforts for the first 6 months for their protection through brick-fencing, regular watering and manuring for proper maintenance and care.

As Ruhe climbs the ladder of success, green and environmental-friendly practices are carried out with due deliberation and effort, keeping the notions of sustainability at the heart of every conscious and subconscious step it takes.

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