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Why Are Angle Valves a Crucial Part of Plumbing?

Why Are Angle Valves a Crucial Part of Plumbing

Ayush Jain |

In the world of plumbing, the significance of angle valves often goes unnoticed, yet their role is indispensable for a well-functioning water supply system. Let's delve into how angle valves have become an integral component of modern plumbing.

Controlling the Water Supply

Angle Valve Controlling the Water Supply

The primary function of angle valves is to regulate the flow of water. They are designed to turn the water supply on or off, allowing for maintenance or repairs without shutting off the water to the entire building. This makes them incredibly useful in managing water flow to specific areas like sinks, toilets, and washing machines.

Installation Areas

 Installation Areas for Angle Valve

Angle valves are versatile and can be installed in various locations. They are commonly found under sinks, beside toilets, and behind washing machines, providing a discreet yet accessible control point. This versatility makes them an essential component in both residential and commercial buildings.

Helpful in Renovation

During renovations, angle valves prove to be invaluable. They allow for the isolation of water supply to certain areas without disrupting the entire system. This means renovations or repairs can be carried out with minimal inconvenience.

Suitable for All Types of Pipe Installation

 Suitable for All Types of Pipe Installation

Regardless of the type of pipe system in place, angle valves can be incorporated seamlessly. They are compatible with copper, PEX, and PVC pipes, making them a universal solution for water flow control in various plumbing setups.

For a more in-depth understanding, you can watch informative videos like:

which provides practical insights into the installation and usage of angle valves.

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Frequently Asked Queries

  • Is the brass angle valve the best?

Brass angle valves are popular due to their durability and resistance to corrosion, making them a great choice for many plumbing applications.

  • Is there any specific angle valve for the hot water supply?

Ruhe Brass Faucets are compatible with both Hot and Cold water.

  • Can I use the angle valve in the garden area instead of a tap?

Yes. Angle Valves can be used in garden areas as well.

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