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Most Profitable Items for Sanitary Ware Stores

Most Profitable Items for Sanitary Ware Stores

Ayush Jain |

The sanitary ware business is a lucrative industry with a diverse range of products catering to different needs and preferences. By understanding which items are the most profitable, store owners can optimise their inventory and sales strategies.

Most Profitable Items for Sanitary Ware Stores

Top Products for Sanitary Ware Stores

  1. Wash Basins
    These are essential in any bathroom and come in various designs and materials, offering high-profit margins due to their necessity and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Toilet Seats
    A fundamental component of any bathroom, the variety in design and functionality (such as bidet toilet seats) means they can cater to a wide range of budgets and preferences.
  3. Shower Drain Channels
    Sanitary ware shower drain channel
    These are crucial for modern bathroom designs. Their importance in functionality and design variations make them a profitable item.
  4. Bathroom Shower Heads
    Sanitary Ware Overhead Shower
    With options ranging from basic models to luxurious rain showers, showerheads offer excellent profitability through both budget and premium segments.
  5. Toilet Paper Holders
    Sanitary Ware Toilet Paper Holder
    A small but essential item, they come in various designs and finishes, allowing for a higher markup.
  6. Bathroom Diverter Sets
    Sanitary Ware Diverter Set
    These sets, which control the flow of water between different bathroom outlets, are essential for modern bathrooms and offer good profitability.
  7. Door Hooks

    Though a smaller item in the inventory, their necessity and frequent replacement rate make them a steady source of income.
  8. Tumbler Holders

    Essential for holding toothbrushes and toothpaste, they can be a profitable item due to their varied designs and materials.
  9. Soap Dishes

    A staple in every bathroom, they come in numerous styles and materials, offering significant markup potential.
  10. Shelf Trays

    These add functionality and style to bathrooms, and their wide range of designs and materials can attract a higher price point.
  11. Waste Couplings

    Essential for any sink or basin, these items have a steady demand and can be sold with a good margin.
  12. Towel/Napkin Rings

    These items, though small, can be marked up significantly due to their design and material variety.
  13. Liquid Soap Dispensers

    An essential bathroom accessory, available in various styles, allowing for a higher profit margin.
  14. Toilet Hand Bars

    Safety items like these have a steady demand, especially in settings that require accessibility features.
  15. Angle Valves

    Critical for controlling water flow, their essential nature means consistent sales.
  16. Wash Basin Bottle Traps

    A necessary component for any basin installation, these can be profitable due to their varied designs and technical features.
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Frequently Asked Queries

Is the sanitary ware business profitable?

Yes, the sanitary ware business can be quite profitable due to the constant demand for bathroom products and accessories.

What is the average profit margin for sanitary ware?

The profit margin can vary, but generally, it ranges from moderate to high, depending on the type of product and brand.

Which are the top 5 sanitary ware products?

Based on profitability and demand, the top five products are usually wash basins, toilet seats, showerheads, bathroom diverter sets, and waste couplings.

Should I take a sanitary ware dealership in India?

Yes, taking a dealership can be a good idea as it can provide access to a wider range of products and potentially better pricing from manufacturers.

Do I need other products of hardware for the good sale of sanitary ware?

While not strictly necessary, offering a range of related hardware products can enhance sales by providing a one-stop solution for customers’ bathroom renovation and building needs.

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