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Why do Architects Recommend Brass Extension Nipples?

Why do Architects Recommend Brass Extension Nipples

Ayush Jain |

What is Extension Nipple?

It is a steel, brass or metallic bathroom allied item that has a threaded exterior on one end and internal threads on the other end. The basic function of an external nipple is to increase the length of any fixture to enable the attachment of any pipe or accessory. As the name suggests, it provides an extension to the threads of the fixtures so they can be easy to fix or attach.

Why do Architects Recommend Brass Extension Nipples

Reasons for Architect Recommendations for Brass Extension Nipple

Here are a few reasons why architects in India generally prefer using brass extension nipples for their projects and designs: -

  • Anti-Corrosive Nature

Brass extension nipples have a solid composition that is lead-free and has anti-corrosive and rust-proof qualities. Since extension nipples are used in pipe fittings, they inevitably come in contact with water. The excessive contact with water is what makes the fittings corrode and leak. To avoid this, it is advised that you go for brass extension nipples as they do not rust that easily and have a good resistance against moisture.

  • Perfect Match with all Pipe Fittings

Extension nipples are available in multiple sizes. Since they are fitted on pipes to extend their length and ease out the flow, the nipple must be of the size that fits the pipe. Moreover, brass is an alloy that is malleable and can easily be moulded into a number of sizes as per the requirements of the market. Therefore, architects prefer brass extension nipples as they have the widest range in sizes.

  • Long-Lasting Use

As discussed above, Brass has anti-corrosive and rust-resistant properties. Chrome Plated brass extension nipple when attached to a pipe fitting, therefore, functions for a long time without having any problems of leakage and rotting. Brass extension nipples have higher durability as compared to its counterpart.

  • Versatile Utility

Since it is an installation accessory or an allied item, brass extension nipples have versatile usage. They can be used in bathrooms, with bathroom pipes, in modular kitchens for gas pipes and water pipes as well, and for outdoor areas for overhead tank pipes. The architects, therefore, recommend brass extension nipples as they are easy to install in these places and can be utilised in other such areas.

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Some Users Queries

Is it reasonable to buy an extension nipple from the manufacturer instead of the supplier?

Yes. Buying products like extension nipples directly from the manufacturers saves you additional costs and offers uncompromised quality.

Where can I get the best brass extension nipple online?

Ruhe offers the best rat range of allied items and installation accessories. At Ruhe’s website, you can purchase extension nipples online with free doorstep delivery at good reasonable prices.

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