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Why Stainless-Steel Kitchen Fittings are Perfect for Kitchen?

Why Stainless-Steel Kitchen Fittings are Perfect for Kitchen

Ayush Jain |

Stainless steel is one of the most versatile as well as commonly used materials for manufacturing kitchen fittings. The reason lies in its powerful values and characteristics. Fittings built with stainless steel are therefore much preferred in bathrooms these days.

Moreover, every fitting in the kitchen has heavy usage daily. This means that the fittings installed have to be tough, durable and resilient – and stainless-steel fittings are in-built with all these qualities.

Why Stainless-Steel Kitchen Fittings are Perfect for Kitchen

Why stainless steel is perfect for kitchen fittings?

The kind of activities carried out in the kitchen result in rusting, staining, corrosion, and spotting due to the constant usage of water. Stainless steel is specially designed to fight all these side effects of water and moisture.

3 Benefits of Stainless-Steel Fittings in Kitchen

  • Long-lasting durability

Kitchen fittings are manufactured with 304-Grade and premium-grade stainless steel and have anti-rusting and corrosion characteristics. With 8% nickel in their composition, they are compatible with high levels of moisture, making them a perfect material for kitchen fittings.

  • Easy to Install & Maintain

Stainless steel fittings are the easiest to install and easy to maintain. Their smooth glossy surface prevents any staining and spotting due to contact with water. Even if there is certain spotting, it is removable using a soft or non-abrasive cloth or cleaner. The steel fittings are tough enough for rough and daily usage and light-weighted to be handled and installed with ease.

  • Various Designs for Fittings

Since stainless steel is highly malleable, it can be molded into several kitchen-fitting designs. They are therefore available in multiple styles and designs to perfectly suit the personality and aesthetic of your kitchen.

Top 8 Stainless Steel Kitchen Fittings in India

  • Kitchen Sink

Available in many configurations like a single bowl, double bowl, handmade, and single bowl with drainboard, these stainless-steel kitchen sinks are perfect for any modular or traditional kitchen.

  • Floor Drain

You need a floor drain under your kitchen sink. Stainless steel floor drains are tough and resist rusting for a long time. They are the perfect fixture for your kitchen’s drainage needs.

  • Sink Coupling

With a stainless-steel kitchen sink, it is preferred to install a stainless-steel kitchen sink coupling only. With the matching of the aesthetic, the coupling or the drainer effectively prevents clogging of the sink.

  • Robe Hook

Robe hooks are a bathroom accessory by can be easily used in the kitchen for hanging hand towels and cloth wipes for utensils. They are simply hooks and can be used to hang other things like cleaning brushes, big spatulas, stirrers, etc.

  • Towel Rod

Kitchens may also need a long rod at one side to hand and dry multiple small scrubs and clothes. These stainless-steel towel rods have smooth and glossy edges and provide proper utilization of your empty kitchen wall.

  • Soap Dish

A stainless-steel soap dish near your kitchen sink is ideal to store your detergent bars. These dishes have adequate holes on its base to drain out excessive water from the bar making them last longer.

  • Napkin Ring

Like a wash basin, every kitchen sink should also have a towel or a napkin ring right next to it. This promotes hygiene in the kitchen as well as makes your kitchen look well-equipped.

  • Shelf Tray

Shelf trays provide extra space to store a variety of things in the kitchen. You could install a stainless-steel shelf tray near the sink to keep liquid wash, abrasives, mops etc., or get multiple small ones installed in a corner to store spices and condiments.

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