Quartz Single Bowl Sand Choco Kitchen Sink with Drainboard (36 x 18 x 9 inches) - by Ruhe®

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    Ruhe Quartz Kitchen Sink is a strong, long-lasting and easy to clean kitchen sink that has high resistance to heat (upto 279°C), scratches, stains, dents, chips. This smart and smooth kitchen sink is non-porous and prevents bacteria infestation, odour and comes with a 10 year warranty.


    • Overall Size: 36 x 18 x 9 Inches (900 x 447 x 230mm)


    • Kitchen Sinks are manufactured in Premium 12mm Thick Quartz.
    • Non-fading UV Protected Sand Choco Matte Finish gives a gorgeous and sharp contemporary aesthetic.


    • Kitchen Sinks have slightly rounded corners to prevent dirt from getting stuck in them and sloped surface for quick drainage.
    • Drainboard allows you to rest your dishes for drying while the water. automatically flows down into the sink bowl.
    • Adjustable stainless steel strainer/basket that can be attached to the sink for drying/washing fruits & vegetables.
    • Heavy duty Stainless Steel Sink Coupling prevents waste from clogging the drainage pipes.
    • Robust Non-breakable PVC Waste Pipe is exclusively designed for super flow of water ensuring quick drainage, suitable for hot and cold water.


    • Smooth and non-porous material that has bacteria resistant properties.
    • Can withstand extreme temperatures of water
    • Natural soundproofing qualities to absorb noise of running water or utensils.


    • Anti-Corrosive, Impact-resistant and Rust-Proof material ensures long lasting durability.
    • Hassle-free, easy to clean Quartz Kitchen Sinks. Do not use any harsh chemicals or strong detergents.
    • 100% Made in India Kitchen Sinks.
    • Eco-friendly, reusable, and product delivered is damage free.
    • 10 Years Warranty


    • Regular maintenance required – clean the surface using soft scrubbers/pads & liquid detergents/cleaners.
    • Avoid standing water and salt deposition on the sink - Make sure you wipe the sink dry using a soft cloth after every use.
    • Avoid using abrasives and harsh chemicals like acids, bleach, ammonia, etc.


    • Quartz Single Bowl Sink with Drainboard
    • Stainless Steel Sink Coupling
    • PVC Waste Pipe
    • Multi-functional Dish Grid (Vegetable Strainer)

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    Customer Questions & Answers

    Can quartz stone sink be used as a bathroom sink or as a wash basin?

    Yes. It totally depends on your choice. Plus, stone sinks are available in many different colors as well, so you can choose accordingly to match them with your bathroom decor.

    Do you have a quartz stone sink model with a tap hole?

    No. Only 304-Grade Stainless Steel kitchen sinks are available with Tap Holes.

    Can quartz stone sink be used with laundry detergents and mainly bleach (safely) without harming the finish?

    Yes. However make sure you are not using any harsh detergents or cleaning liquids, or Acid.

    Can I make a tap hole in a quartz stone sink?

    No. The hole can be made while manufacturing the sink. Once the sink is made, and then getting a tap hole in it will have a risk of breaking the sink.

    Is it possible to fix these sinks on walls?

    Yes. If you want to wall mount them, it would require good quality brackets to support them.

    Can this stone kitchen sink be mounted without masonry work, using wall brackets?

    Yes, you can install them using good quality wall brackets because quartz sinks are very heavy.

    How does warranty service work? Is it piece to piece replacement for stone sink?

    Usually, the entire product is under warranty. However, if a certain part of the product needs replacement, Ruhe would replace that part.

    Can stone sink be installed undermount?

    Yes. You can get the quartz stone sink under-mounted as well.

    Can we install it with an iron bracket?

    Yes. You can wall mount the sink with Stainless steel Brackets.

    Are the drain components included in quartz stone sink?

    Yes. Quartz stone sink comes with all drain components included, like- a sink coupling and a waste pipe.

    Can you use plumbers’ putty when installing the stone sink drain?

    Yes. You can use putty to fasten and fix the sink on your slab.

    Can I use a drill machine to make a tap hole on the stone sink?

    No. It has a risk of breaking the sink.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Nishtha Narang

    excellent material collection, nice design, perfectly fitted in my kitchen

    Tanushri Srivastava

    Good quality kitchen sink, good price

    Nagashayana Reddy

    Ordered sink which was delivered way ahead of my expectations

    Sanidhya Dh.

    Always friendly support, very good design of stone sink


    Quartz Single Bowl Sand Choco Kitchen Sink with Drainboard (36 x 18 x 9 inches) - by Ruhe®
    Rs. 9,142.00 Rs. 13,060.00
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