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Are Shower Rooms & Bathrooms the Same in India?

Are Shower Rooms & Bathrooms the Same in India

Ayush Jain |

Commonly, the terms bathrooms, shower rooms and washrooms are used interchangeably. However, with the changes in the décor and the trends in the bathroom fittings industry, different spaces are denoted with different names as per their utility.

What is a Bathroom?

The term bathroom denotes the space in a household, hotel or any other area, where you have your wash basins, toilets, bathtubs, etc.

What is Shower Room?

In modern jargon, the term shower room specifically denotes the space where there is an overhead shower or a place within the bathroom where you can shower.

Major Differences Between Shower Rooms & Bathrooms

Now that these spaces have been segregated and are identified with different names in the modern bathrooms, the basic differences are the kind of fittings, fixtures and accessories installed in them. In shower areas, as the name suggests, you will find overhead showers, corner shelf trays to store the toiletries which you need while showering, and a shower drain channel, while on the other hand in the bathroom, you’ll find your toilet seat area, the washbasin or vanity area, and towel rods or racks.

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Common fittings for Shower Rooms/Bathrooms

  • Overhead Shower

The overhead showers are wall mounted in the shower rooms. They are available in multiple shapes and sizes to suit the décor and the aesthetic of the shower area. With the advancement in technology, these overhead showers come with a water-saving design and easy-to-clean silicon nozzles.

  • Robe Hook

The robe hooks are generally wall-mounted n the back of the bathroom doors or near the shower areas to hand bath robes, clothes, towels, or other accessories like belts etc. They are small stainless steel bathroom accessories that have a good load-bearing capacity.

  • Multi-Towel Rack

The multi-towel rack is a combination of a towel rod, a rack and a few movable hooks on the towel rod. This 3-in-1 super space-saving bathroom accessory can be wall mounted in the bathrooms to prevent clutter and keep the towels and clothes in an organized manner. It saves your changing clothes from getting we.

  • Shelf Tray

The shelf trays can be installed anywhere in the bathroom or the shower area wherever you need the convenience of reaching to get hold of your toiletries at hand length. They serve as an organizing bathroom accessory that can be used to store self-care tools like brushes, pastes, and combs facewash in the vanity area, and in the shower area for storing shampoos, shower gels, etc.

  • Tile/Marble Insert Shower Drain

These invisible linear floor drains are installed along one side of the shower area or the bathroom to drain huge volumes of water at once, leaving your bathroom dry at all times. The shower drains channels easily blend with your bathroom floors and give a luxurious aesthetic to the whole space.

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