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Inquire About Your Kitchen Sink Manufacturing Before Purchase

Inquire About Your Kitchen Sink Manufacturing Before Purchase

Ayush Jain |

What is Pre and Post Purchase Inquiry?

For consumers who shop online, the pre and post-sale services of a product is an important factor that contributes in their overall shopping experience. The pre purchase services by a brand on its online platform includes- assistance from the support team of the brand for navigating through the various features of the website, understanding the products and its features, discussing the needs and clearing doubts regarding the offers and prices, and other nitty-gritty of the product, and finally helping you choose the best and the most suitable product for fulfilling your requirements. The post purchase services broadly include – assistance in registering warranty, understanding the installation process, returns, exchanges etc.

Inquire About Your Kitchen Sink Manufacturing Before Purchase

Most Common Queries Asked to the Kitchen Sink Manufacturers

  • Material of Kitchen Sink

 Manufacturers are mostly asked about the quality and the genuineness of the material their product is manufactured in. For instance, when it comes to kitchen sinks, consumers always ask about the 304-Grade Stainless Steel certificate from the manufactures that authenticates that the steel is good quality. Products recognized by the Bureau of the Indian Standard bear the ISI-Mark which is often a query that consumers have for kitchen sink manufacturers. Along with the quality, characteristics like anti-corrosiveness, anti-rusting, strength, are also inquired.

  • Warranty of Sink and Its Accessories

Since kitchen sink is an essential fitting in a household, the consumers are always inclined towards getting good warranties and therefore inquire about the durability of the kitchen sink. Apart from the durability, consumers are also interested in knowing whether they get the installation as well as other accompanying accessories free of cost. At Ruhe, Kitchen Sinks come with a vegetable basket, a waste pipe and a sink couple with no extra charges all with the kitchen sink having a 10 year warranty.

  • Efficiency to Hold Utensils

While purchasing a kitchen sink online through the original manufacturer, the consumers want to know about the space the kitchen sink will take for installation and the volume it will provide for the user. Here the inquiry also includes the strength and the load-bearing capacity of the sink so as to know whether the sink can hold a large number of utensils at a time or not.

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  • With or Without Drainboard

Kitchen sinks these days come with various configurations like single bowl kitchen sinks, double bowl kitchen sinks, etc. One such configuration is the single bowl kitchen sink with drainboard. Consumers inquire about the utility and the benefits of installing a kitchen sink with drain board, the overall size of the drainboard and the sink bowl and the various patterns and designs of the sink board.

  • Made in India

Today consumers have become aware of their purchasing power and are truly participating in the ‘Make-in-India’ endeavor of the government. More and more consumers are opting for Made in India products that are free from any Chinese or foreign influence. Therefore, skeptical consumers also ask about the manufacturing units of the kitchen sinks, where they are located, and about the raw materials.

As a consumer, you have the right to INQUIRE, and Ruhe is here to give you all the answers to your questions. We provide one of the best pre-purchase services and promise you the ultimate post-purchase service, should you need one!

Hope you keep inquiring & keep shopping at RUHE!