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Buying Pillar Taps from Manufacturers May Affect Your Budget

Buying Pillar Taps from Manufacturers May Affect Your Budget

Ayush Jain |

Pillar taps are one of the most common faucets that are a part of every household. They are ideally installed on washbasins. Ever wondered how buying pillar taps directly from the manufacturers will save you costs?

Let’s find out!

Buying Pillar Taps from Manufacturers May Affect Your Budget

Top 8 Benefits of Buying Pillar Taps from Manufacturers

  • Save Money (No Middleman)

When the manufacturers directly sell the pillar taps online, they save a lot of money since there are no middlemen that add to the actual cost of manufacturing. The middlemen like the distributors, the sub-distributors, and retailers are all excluded from the supply chain, making the cost of the pillar tap absolutely reasonable.

  • Branded Products (No Duplicate or Fake Products)

When manufacturers sell their products online directly to consumers, the quality of the products represents their brand name. Here there is no scope for poor-quality products. The only way the brand can make a mark in the market is through its quality manufacturing and in-house packaging. So, when you buy products like pillar faucets from the manufacturer directly, you need not worry about the material.

  • Origin of Pillar Taps (Made in India)

Made-in-India products have their own credibility. Buying necessities like bathroom fittings, and pillar taps from local Indian manufacturers is good for promoting the “make-in-India” endeavor.

  • Online Ordering Process (Online Stores)

Online shopping has always been a preference for people who are working and have their weekends booked for social commitments. For them buying online from manufacturers directly gives them the assurance of quality as well as reasonability in prices.

  • Endless Variety of Designs

The number of designs a manufacturing brand offers cannot be compared to the other brands. When you buy online from the manufacturers you will surely have the widest variety of pillar taps to choose from.

  • Easy Exchange/Return

The only reason why you would want to return pillar taps would be a manufacturing defect which is rare when the manufacturing brand is selling directly online. Even if there is a 1% chance, their services for returns and exchanges are at par with the top online shopping platforms.

  • Pre & Post Customer Support (Contact Opportunity)

Online manufacturing brands are very quick in responding to customer queries because this is how they can retain customers. Building customer relations through their pre- and post-sale services is one of their strong marketing techniques. Therefore, when you buy online from manufacturing brands directly, they will help you with purchasing, and payments and cater for any other assistance.

  • Long-Lasting with High Warranties

Products that come to your directly from the manufacturing units, especially the brass pillar taps that have a rock-solid built, also come with good warranties. This is because the quality is directly proportionate to the number of years the product, or the pillar tap functions to its full potential.

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Is there any pillar cock faucet tap online store of the manufacturer brand?

Ruhe is one of the biggest online brands in India that sells thousands of pillar taps and other mixer faucets, sink taps, bathtub faucets, etc.

How many types of pillar cock taps are at Ruhe Brand?

Ruhe has a total of 14 different designs for pillar taps! These are designed to bring out the best in your bathrooms and are made from brass with 3-tier surface protection plating.

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