Digitalization of Kitchen Fittings Manufacturing Brand

With the advent of technology and the digitalization of so many market operations, kitchen fittings manufacturers have also started selling their products online, directly to the consumers. The increased transparency in these activities has provided consumers with a great opportunity to bring home authentic products.

Digitalization of Kitchen Fittings Manufacturing Brand

Benefits of Buying Kitchen Fittings Online Directly from Manufacturers

  • Genuine Products

Since the manufacturing brand is selling the products online directly to the customers, they are careful with the kind of quality they offer. In the absence of a third party, the onus of a damaged or poor-quality product will directly and undoubtedly fall on the manufacturer, which would ultimately prove harmful for the brand at large. Due to this, consumers that purchase directly from the manufacturer can rest assured when it comes to the ingenuity and authenticity of the material and the product.

  • Reduces the middleman involvement

When kitchen fittings manufacturers directly sell their products using digital platforms, there is no involvement of third parties like retailers and distributors. In their absence, the products that are manufactured and packaged within the factories directly reach the consumers without passing through numerous conventional trade channels. This saves time and costs and also safeguards the quality and the original integrity of the products.

  • Cost-effective

The middlemen like the distributors, the sub-distributors, dealers, etc., all add to the actual price of the product to cut out their margins which increases the overall price of the products. Since there are no middlemen involved in this direct transaction between the manufacturers and the consumers, the products are priced at reasonable rates while only considering the actual cost of manufacturing, packaging, and delivering.

  • Awareness of products

Manufacturers directly selling online provide maximum details and information about their products since they don’t have anything to hide or lie about. This is their USP. They depend on this strategy to gain consumer support and increase their consumer retention rates. Each product has a detailed and in-depth description of its features and characteristics.

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Top Selling Kitchen Fittings Online in India

  • Kitchen Sinks

Made-in-India kitchen sinks are among the popular fittings that are now being sold and purchased online across India. People have finally come to terms with buying fixtures like a single-bowl, and double-bowl sinks for their homes and offices online, thanks to the pandemic. 304-stainless steel kitchen sinks are ideal for Indian households because of features like anti-corrosive and strong durability.

  • Brass Faucets/Water Taps

Faucets manufactured in Pure Brass Ingot or Virgin Brass have proved to be the most suitable for kitchens. The brass is lead-free and has anti-microbial properties that make the water flowing from them safe for use and consumption. The brass faucets come in a variety of finishes, the most common being the sparkling chrome finish.

  • Floor Drain/Drain Channels

The floor drains and drain channels have become a style statement lately. An efficient drainage system the need for any kitchen to function properly. The 304-Grade stainless steel floor drains and drain channels also come with a new technology known as the cockroach trap that prevents pests and odour. The floor drain come in various designs, shapes, and sizes to suit the kitchen aesthetics.

  • Other Brass & Stainless-Steel Accessories

Other kitchen fittings that are manufactured and sold online are stainless steel accessories like towel rings, soap dishes, soap dispensers, shelf trays and even chrome-plated brass installation accessories like flanges, extension nipples, hex nuts, etc. All these are easily available online with detailed descriptions.

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