Why are Luxury Faucets Commonly Made of Brass?

Ever wondered why every luxury brand has its best collection of faucets and tapware mostly in Brass?!

Well, there are many reasons why Brass is one of the most popular raw materials used by manufacturers to give shape to the latest and the newest designs. Let’s have a look at the top reasons why brass is a manufacturer-friendly material for all luxury brands!

Why are Luxury Faucets Commonly Made of Brass

4 Factors Why Brass is used to Manufacturing Luxury Faucets

  • Multiple Designs

Virgin brass or Pure Brass Ingot is one of the most malleable alloys. This means that the material is very easy to mild and shape in various designs no matter how complicated or complex the design may be. This is one of the primary reasons why brass faucets have the most variety of designs. Additionally, when it comes to luxury brands, they add their X-Factor to the faucets through their incomparable style and design techniques, and brass just makes it much easier to do so. 

  • Helps in Healthy Living

Brass is an alloy of metals like zinc and copper. As per our ancient learning, copper is known to have anti-microbial and germ-killing properties. This means that brass faucets also have these characteristics in-built into them, making them a good option for people moving towards a healthy lifestyle. The purifying ions in the material are realised into the flow when the faucet is turned.

  • Easy to Install

Brass faucets are rough and tough bathroom fittings that do not need any extra maintenance and are not delicate that they would require extra precautions. These are strongly built faucets that are easy to install and require no rocket science.

  • Long-Lasting Material

Brass is one of the strongest materials for bathroom fittings and specially for faucets. Since brass does not contain iron, it is non-rusting and anti-corrosive. The material does not react with water keeping its integrity strong for the longest time. The warranties of brass faucets are the highest for all luxury brands. For instance, Ruhe gives 10 years warranty on all its brass faucets.

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User Queries

Are brass luxury faucets a premium choice for bathroom basins?

Yes! They are the most durable and practical material for faucets in any bathroom. The designs, variety and finishes on brass faucets is more than any other material.

How can I find the best luxury faucet manufacturer in India?

Ruhe is one of the leading Made-in-India manufacturing brands that produce world-class brass faucets. You could inquire about the manufacturing of faucets from their website.

What are some examples of the best brass faucets for the kitchen?

Swan Neck with Swivel Spout faucet, sink cock with swivel spout faucet, and sink mixer faucets with an option of various sizes of the rotating spout are some of the best picks of brass faucets for any kitchen.

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