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Civil Vs Modular Kitchen With Top Kitchen Fittings

Civil Vs Modular Kitchen With Top Kitchen Fittings

Ayush Jain |

The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home, but have you wondered what kind of kitchen you’ve been working in every day? Yes, there are different types of kitchens and kitchen fittings that are specific to each type.

Let’s find out!

Civil Vs Modular Kitchen With Top Kitchen Fittings

What is a Civil Kitchen?

A civil kitchen, also known as the traditional kitchen, has a permanent structure, cabinets and designated space, built by civil professionals using bricks, cement and mortar. These kitchens are found in old constructions and big hotels and commercial spaces.

What is Modular Kitchen?

It is referred to as a modular kitchen when the kitchen's components are constructed in a manufacturing unit and assembled and installed on-site. The components in this kind of kitchen are readily deconstructed and put back together as needed.

Major Difference Between Civil and Modular Kitchens

The most fundamental distinction is the functionality difference between a civil kitchen and a modular kitchen. The ability to be constructed and disassembled is the main benefit of modular kitchens. This implies that your kitchen follows you when you move homes. Contrarily, cabinets in civil kitchens cannot be removed later since, once constructed, they are permanent. You will therefore be obligated to leave everything behind when you relocate.

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Top Kitchen Fittings for Both Civil and Modular Kitchens

Be it a civil kitchen or a modular kitchen, these kitchen fittings are a must in all kinds of kitchens.

  • Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks as the name suggests are integral to any kitchen. They are the only source of water in the kitchens which is an essential ingredient in a lot of recipes and is required for washing and cleaning activities. For both types of kitchens, the 304-grade stainless steel kitchen sink is a perfect choice. It is anti-corrosive and rust resistant, has a long-lasting life, is highly ductile and prevents denting and breakage, and has the best designs available. The glossy or matte finish of the steel goes with the aesthetic of a traditional as well as a modular kitchen.

  • Floor Drains & Channels

A drainage system again is important in kitchens to drain wastewater and any liquid waste. Again 304-grade stainless steel floor drains with cockroach traps are the perfect choice for any space. The cockroach traps prevent the kitchens from getting infested with insects and cockroaches, prevent blockages, and also prevent the kitchen from smelling bad and unpleasant. The floor drains and linear drain channels are available in multiple shapes, designs, and sizes to choose from.

  • Faucets and Taps

Water! This is the device that supplies water in the kitchen. If kitchen sinks are the kings of the kitchen, then the faucet is the crown! Faucets made from pure brass ingot or virgin brass are ideal for installation in any kind of kitchen considering that they have zero per cent of iron content and therefore do not rust due to exposure to water or moisture. Chrome Plated brass faucets look smart and have the greatest functionality with unbeatable durability!

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