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Do Drop-in Kitchen Sink Work Better in India?

Do Drop-in Kitchen Sink Work Better in India

Ayush Jain |

Considering the uniformity of the designs in the kitchen of Indian households, drop-in kitchen sinks do have a popularity. The ‘drop-in’ sinks have become a part of every kitchen these days.

What is a drop-in kitchen sink?

A drop-in kitchen sink is a sink that has a visible rim around it. A noticeable rim surrounds the perimeter of a drop-in sink, which sits flat on the countertop. The countertop cutout is directly occupied by the sink basin, while the outer lip holds everything in place.

Do Drop-in Kitchen Sink Work Better in India

But why is it so common? Why does every household have this type of kitchen? What are its benefits? Let’s find out!

Benefits of Undermount Kitchen Sink

Easy to Clean

Drop-in sinks are easy to clean. Since all their corners, edges, and curves are visible, you can clean any dirt or gunk that is stuck on the sink. The rim can be cleaned easily since it lays parallel to your kitchen slab. There is better access and more visibility when it comes to cleaning the drop-in sinks making them easier to maintain. Easier maintenance leads to long-lasting durability.

Easy to Install

When your kitchen slab already has a cut-out for the sink, all you need to do is to put the kitchen sink and place it in that cut-out. These sinks have an easy manual installation – DIY! If a drop-in kitchen sink is a one-for-one substitution, homeowners can install it themselves. Lay a bead of cement down, insert the sink, centre it, and fasten it with clamps beneath the countertop after removing any old cement.


Drop-in kitchen sinks are versatile when it comes to compatibility. Whatever your kitchen décor might be – laminated, synthetic stones, granite, tiled, or any other material, the drop-in kitchen sinks work with every kind of kitchen slab material. The stainless steel drop-in sinks are all the more compatible with Indian kitchens due to their rough and constant use.

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Top Designs for Drop-In Kitchen Sink

Ruhe drop-in kitchen sinks are hydraulically drawn. They are manufactured in India using 1mm thick stainless steel sheets which have anti-corrosive and rust-resistant properties. These bowls are drawn twice for the purpose of increasing ductility which adds to their overall durability. These sinks can deal with the heaviest and the greasiest pots and pans without getting dented or stained.

Following are the variations:

  1. Oval Design Sink – For a simple and minimalistic appearance.
  2. Square Design Sink- For a contemporary and modern touch.
  3. Double Bowl Sinks – To accommodate more pots and pans at the same time. Ideal for bigger households.
  4. Kitchen Sinks with Drainboards – Allows extra space for stacking washed dishes for drying or dirty dishes so that you could use the sink for cooking preparation.


Q1. Which Material is Best for Drop-in Kitchen Sink?

The most reliable and ideal material for a drop-in kitchen sink is stainless steel. It is easier to install, easier to maintain, and steel is one material that looks great with any kind of aesthetic.

Q2. Is it Simple to Clean stainless steel drop-in sinks?

Yes, it’s the easiest to clean stainless steel drop-in sinks since the entire sink is visible to you for cleaning and steel as a material resists any sort of staining or sticking.

Q3. Why Ruhe is the Best Online Dealer in Drop-In Sinks?

Ruhe is the best online store to buy stainless steel drop-in sinks because of their unbeatable material, unbelievable warranty and beautiful craftsmanship. They are economical and last for a lifetime.

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