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How Drawn Sink and Handmade Sink are Different?

How Drawn Sink and Handmade Sink are Different

Ayush Jain |

As much as food is important to you, a sink is equally important in a kitchen! Its importance has given many manufacturers and brands the liberty to experiment with its shape, size, designs and other aspects. When it comes to stainless steel kitchen sinks there are two types of sinks – Handmade and Drawn sinks.

How Drawn Sink and Handmade Sink are Different

What is a drawn sink?

In simple terms, stainless steel drawn sink is manufactured by hydraulically pressing the stainless steel sheets by using the metal forming technology. This process produces a smooth seamless sink bowl with rounded corners. This is the most common type of sink you would find in most Indian households.


Material & Shape: The drawn sinks are manufactured using 1mm or 0.8mm thick stainless steel sheets. Stainless Steel, the most versatile material for kitchen equipment in Indian households, produces the most durable kitchen sinks. Usually, a drawn sink comes in an oval shape but with advanced manufacturing techniques, the drawn sinks can be pressed into a square shape as well with rounded corners.

Depth: The normal depth of drawn sinks ranges from 8 – 9 Inches. This is the standard depth of kitchen sinks around the world. It completely depends on different companies.

Maintenance: A drawn sink requires no additional effort to maintain. The sink is slanted, and the body is meant to direct water towards the drain. However, you need to take care of it by cleaning it on a regular basis by wiping the surface and the corners. In this manner, it will be more durable and retain its sparkle for a longer time!

What is a handmade sink?

Handmade kitchen sinks, as the name suggests, are sinks that are created by hand rather than using machinery and technology. The handcrafted kitchen sinks are constructed from thick heavy-duty stainless steel sheets that are manually connected to form a rectangular or square shape. The sinks are given their shape manually using hands, and the corners are then welded together; the reason they are also known as handcrafted sinks.


Material & Shape: The sinks are handcrafted from stainless steel sheets. However, the quality of the stainless steel is determined by the firm from whom you get it. Handmade sinks are typically rectangular or square in design, with four welded corners. The deep 1hhhhhh depth gives an extraordinary expanse of space.

Depth: The normal depth of a Handmade sink ranges from 9-10 inches. Handmade sinks are known for their immense volume in comparison to the drawn sinks. Even with the same measurements, the handmade sinks will offer greater space than the drawn sinks due to their slightly welded corners.

Maintenance: Earlier when the handmade kitchens were made, the base or the surface of the sink was flat which meant that if you have a big bowl size, there was a possibility of water remaining stagnant in the sink causing spotting. We at Ruhe have intellectually designed handmade sinks with cross grooves on the base that enables the water in the sink to easily drain from the water pipe solving the problem of stagnation. Therefore, maintaining a handmade kitchen sink is as simple as maintaining a drawn sink.

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The Major Difference

The difference between the drawn and handmade sink solely lies in the manufacturing process. While the drawn sinks are completely automated, the handmade sinks are manually welded.

Best Sink – Drawn or Handmade?

There is no way to compare the two sinks. On the consumer level, it everything hinges on a single customer's tastes. People sometimes like the drawn sink, and sometimes they prefer the handcrafted sink.

Drawn sinks, on the other hand, are typically utilised in modern spaces and interiors, and they are completely flexible and adaptable to a variety of kitchen settings. The handcrafted sink, on the other hand, is a more expensive alternative that adds character and grace to your kitchen. These sinks are easy to use and provide a beautiful aesthetic element to your kitchen.

User-Based Queries

Are Drawn Sinks Good for a Large Number of Utensils?

Yes. You should go for a bigger bowl size or maybe a double bowl kitchen to accommodate a large number of utensils.

Is Durability of Handmade Sink being Better than Drawn Sinks?

The durability of the sink completely depends on the material from which is it made. Apart from the material, it also depends on maintenance. Even with stainless steel which requires minimal maintenance, you still need to put effort to make it last longer in your kitchen.

Which Sink is Better for Home or Personal Use?

Usually, people go for drawn sinks when it comes to the new contemporary homes which have modular kitchens. But if you have a big household with lots of people and plenty of dishes after each meal, you should go for a handmade one as it offers more space.

Is It Safe to Order Kitchen Sinks Online in India?

Everything happens online these days! So why not get your kitchen essentials online. Browse for the most amazing assortment of kitchen sinks online at Ruhe and get them delivered to your doorstep hassle-free, damage-free and at the earliest!

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