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Why is Mixer Tap Best for Kitchen Sink?

Why is Mixer Tap Best for Kitchen Sink

Ayush Jain |

What is a mixer tap?

Simply put, a mixer tap mixes hot and cold water from the tank and geyser into one spout while allowing the user to adjust the temperature with one or two controls (Handle or Lever). This is distinct from other faucets, which may have two separate water taps, each with a separate spout/outlet for cold and hot water.

Why is Mixer Tap Best for Kitchen Sink

How does a kitchen mixer tap work?

In order for mixer taps to function, tiny openings inside the tap units known as valves must be present. Based on the rate of flow and temperature you want to obtain; these holes move from a closed state when you turn the tap to a partially or fully open position.

For instance, if you just need hot water, the hot water handle will be partially or fully open while the cold handle will be off, indicating that the valve is totally closed. Due to this, mixer taps are particularly sensitive to the desired temperature, making them ideal for kitchen sinks.

Top Designs for Kitchen Sink Taps in India

Kitchen Mixer faucets are available in a variety of designs. The basic differentiation is whether you want a wall-mounted mixer faucet or a table mounted. Regardless of their type of installation, these mixer faucets are the best faucets your kitchen sink can have. Apart from this, the mixer faucets can further be divided into two categories:

  • Single Lever Sink Mixer Faucet

Single-handle faucets have a sleek, contemporary shape that blends well with many different design styles. A single-handle faucet is the best option if you have a small kitchen sink because it takes up less room. There are fewer crevices with a single handle, which means you have less cleaning to do.

We have experienced the difficulty of turning on a faucet while at least one of our hands is dirty or otherwise engaged. You just need one hand to operate a faucet with a single handle. Its easy mechanism allows you to operate it with your elbow if both your hands are dirty.

  • Double Lever Sink Mixer Faucet

Double Lever Sink Mixer Faucet

A Kitchen Mixer faucet with two handles gives a timeless appearance that complements almost any bathroom decor. A double handle faucet, in terms of style, provides symmetry which is a modern design concept that complements a variety of styles.

The water may be turned off to only one of the handles if it is leaking or otherwise needs repair, leaving the other handle operable and the faucet still functional. A faucet with two handles has one for the cold water and one for the hot water flow. These two handles give you greater control over the temperature of the water flow.

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Benefits of Mixer Taps

  • Water-saving Design

A flow limiter is typically installed on mixer taps to assist avoid syphoning excessive amounts of water from the hot and cold pipes at once. Practically speaking, combining hot water into a single flow will probably result in less hot water being used, which is advantageous for the environment and your energy costs.

  • Desired Temperature of Water

The mixer taps provide you with the luxury of getting the desired temperature of water through a single spout. You can set the temperature as per the operation of the handle and get a constant temperature of water flow throughout your washing and rinsing session.


Q1. Is it good to use the mixer tap with a dual bowl kitchen sink?

Yes, you can buy a mixer faucet with a swivel spout for your double bowl kitchen sink. The mixer kitchen faucet will give you the desired temperature and the swivel or the rotating spout will enable you to adjust the direction of the flow of water.

Q2. Can I use a sink mixer faucet for the top-mounted kitchen sink?

Yes. If you have a countertop sink, you can opt for a wall mixer faucet or even a tall body mixer faucet that can be installed on the slab next to your kitchen sink.

Q3. Are mixer faucets good for stainless steel sinks?

Yes. Stainless steel sinks are rough and tough when it comes to the material. They are tested for extreme water temperatures and therefore, if you install a mixer faucet in your kitchen sink area it will have no effect on the individual performance of the sink.

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