Buying Guide for Modular Kitchen Renovation Under ₹ 12,000

Why Should You Follow the Kitchen Renovation Buying Guide?

Buying guides provide you with crisp and accurate information about the things you need to know before you are planning to renovate or upgrade your space. They provide you with the right direction in which you could move forward to achieve the desired result for your space. Following are the reasons why one should refer to buying guides for modular kitchen renovation:

Buying Guide for Modular Kitchen Renovation Under Rs 12,000

  • Price knowledge

A buying guide gives you insight into the prices of various designs, and their prices and helps you decide what fits your space as per your budget and space.

  • Products Material Help

The buying guide also helps you with the kind of material that would meet your needs. For modular kitchens in Indian households, stainless steel kitchen sinks and brass faucets have proved to be the most suitable.

  • Different Configurations and Designs

Through the buying guide, one can better judge what kind of fittings they would want in their modular kitchen. A single-bowl kitchen sink or a kitchen sink with a drainboard, the designs on the drain board, the shape of the bowl, etc. They also give you an idea about which size would suffice your requirements.

Premium Modular Kitchen Fittings

  • HandMade Kitchen Sink

Material: AISI-304 Grade Stainless Steel

Price: Under ₹5,200/-

Warranty: 10 Years

handmade kitchen sink

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are versatile when it comes to their compatibility with the looks of the modular kitchen. Stainless steel’s glossy aesthetic adds to the style quotient of any modular kitchen.

  • Floor Drain with Cockroach Trap

Material: AISI-304 Grade Stainless Steel

Price: Under ₹700/-

Warranty: 10 Years

 floor drain with cockroach trap

With the Kitchen Sink, it is important that the floor drains are also installed for completing the drainage system. The 304-grade stainless steel floor drains with cockroach traps come with an inbuilt hole for attaching the waste pipe of the kitchen, preventing pests and insects from entering the bathroom, and are anti-rusting and anti-corrosive.

  • Chrome Plated Brass Faucets

Material: Pure Brass Ingot

Price: Under ₹3000/-

Warranty: 10 Years

kitchen sink brass faucet

Chrome-plated brass faucets are sturdy, non-rusting and long-lasting. They are available in multiple designs in the market and have that sparkling finish that complements any modular kitchen’s décor. Opt for brass faucets with foam flow aerators as they save water and give a soft bubbly flow for kitchen sink use.

  • Robe Hooks

Material: Stainless Steel

Price: Under ₹400/-

Warranty: 1 Year

robe hooks

Robe hooks give you the designated space to hang your kitchen towels, scrubbers, clothes and other utensils like spatulas, and stirrers among others. These robe hooks can be stuck to the tiles, cabinets, or doors.

  • Towel Ring

Material: Stainless Steel

Price: Under ₹600/-

Warranty: 1 Year

Square Stainless Steel Towel Ring (304 Grade)

Towel rings are an essential kitchen fitting that can be wall mounted near your kitchen sink area. They are important because of their hygiene factor and are practical since after using the kitchen sink, one would require a towel to wipe their wet hands, which will be hanging right next to the sink, thanks to the towel ring.

  • Soap Dish

Material:  Stainless Steel

Price: ₹500/-

Warranty: 1 Year

Cube Stainless Steel Double Soap Dish (304 Grade)

The kitchen sink area is the most integral part of any modular kitchen. They should be fully functional. A soap dish to store the cleaning detergent bars for washing the utensils is an ideal and important kitchen fitting. With its shiny and glossy appearance, it is bound to blend in with the aesthetics of any modular kitchen.

  • Shelf Tray

Material:  Stainless Steel

Price: ₹1000/-

Warranty: 1 Year

Square Stainless Steel Shelf Tray

Even though modular kitchens provide an ample amount of space, there is still a need for having important things like spices, salt and pepper at hand length. This is where the shelf tray comes in handy. They provide you with ample space to keep your kitchens organized at all times.

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