• Invisible Floor Drain for Shower Areas

    Invisible Floor Drain for Shower Areas
    Redesigning a bathroom is an exciting endeavour that requires you to make several decisions along the way. From selecting the appropriate tile or marble to deciding on countertop accessories, cabinetry finishes, and other details, you must also consider both aesthetics and functionality. Many of us do have a modern bathroom that has the latest accessories, and the trendiest sanitaryware but what about your floor- which largely contributed...
  • How Does Cockroach Trap Promote Healthy Living?

    Cockroach traps are small fixtures that are attached to your floor drains or basin drains (couplings) intended to keep cockroaches from entering the living and working spaces through the drainage pipes. The cockroach trap is usually made up of four parts- an outer filter, inner filter, grating jali, and rim or frame. They are built with a grate that is installed on top of...
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