Top 20 Bathroom Fittings in India to Make Bathroom Modern

Why Bathroom Fittings Selection is Important?

Bathroom fittings make your experience more convenient and comfortable and play a huge role in adding to the aesthetical value of the overall bathroom appearance. Selection of the right bathroom fittings with suitable designs that complement the décor of your bathroom is therefore crucial. With so many options and designs available in the market, there is a possibility that you might either cramp up your bathroom too much by getting too many fittings installed, or even forget about the basic ones, that is completely a necessity.

Top 20 Bathroom Fittings in India to Make Bathroom Modern

Here is a list of the Top 20 Bathroom Fittings from Ruhe that enhance your bathroom experience.

List of Top 20 Bathroom Fittings

  • Invisible Floor Drain

The tile insert and marble insert shower drain channels premium linear floor drain equipped with a side hole and cockroach trap. These drain channels are manufactured in 304 Grade Stainless Steel and designed to drain the water in good volumes. Since the drain cover of the shower drain channel is your bathroom tile or marble, the appearance of this shows looks seamless and invisible.

  • Brass 3-in1- Wall Mixer

Wall mixers are ideal for your bathroom shower areas. These wall mixers are manufactured in pure brass ingot that is rust resistant and works smoothly. They solve the problem of hot and cold water. The mixer faucets also come with a tip-ton spout and an outlet specially designed for attaching hand showers. The wall mixer gives a neat look to your shower panel.

  • Bathroom Overhead Shower

Equipped with evenly-spread silicon nozzles, these showerheads are easy to clean, prevent lime-scale deposition and provide an intense spray. The spa-like rain shower experience that an overhead shower gives, completes every bathroom’s look. Built with ABS and plated with 3-layer surface-protected Chromium, these bathroom fittings are unmissable.

  • Single Lever Basin Mixer

The single lever tall body basin mixer is your bathroom basin area star. It is a sleek tall faucet that has a single handle. Manufactured in pure brass ingot and plated with 3-layer surface protection of Chromium, Nickle and Copper, this faucet has long-lasting durability. The mixer faucet gives you the desired temperature of hot and cold water and is a perfect companion for your wash basins.

  • Hand Showers

To complete your shower area panel, you can install your hand showers with your wall mixers. The hand showers are built with strong ABS material and have a meter long flexible tube to give you control of the direction of the water flow.

  • Health Faucet

The health faucet is an essential bathroom fitting for your toilet seat area. It is an eco-friendly alternative to tissue paper. The use of a health faucet ensures hygiene and sanitation. The health faucet is not just a tool for self-care but also allows you to clean dirty corners of your bathroom, bathe your pets, etc. Built with strong Chrome-Plated ABS material, the health faucet comes with a Holder for wall mounting and a 304-Grade stainless steel Flexible shower tube.

  • Diverters

Diverters manufactured in pure brass ingot give you the option of having a versatile bathroom shower area. You can get your water supply from the geysers, overhead tanks and submersibles and have a single point of control for switching between the faucet or your overhead shower. The diverters are developed with core shooter technology that makes the interiors of the diverter even and smooth for an uninterrupted flow.

  • Angle Valves

It’s a switch for your water flow. Built with pure brass ingot these angle valves are suitable for installation in wash basins and toilet seat areas, and geysers. These valves are crucial for connecting your water sources to your fixtures. An angle valve's handle can be swiftly quarter-turned to switch off the water supply to a fixture and avoid an overflow.

  • Concealed Stop Valves

The stop valves are used to control the water flow from the pipes that are concealed in your walls or floors. The water supply line for a toilet or faucet is connected to the building's water pipes via a stop valve. They are built with brass ingot and once installed, they function for a lifetime due to their anti-corrosive and rust-resistant properties.

  • Cockroach Trap Floor Drain

The floor drain with cockroach traps is manufactured in 304-Grade Stainless Steel and is suitable for installation under your wash basin areas and shower areas. These floor drains have a cockroach trap that prevents insects from the sewage pipe from entering the bathroom and also traps all the unpleasant smells and toxic gases.

  • Soap Dish

Keep your soap bars dry at all times with Ruhe’s stainless steel and ABS soap dishes. Both the materials are rust resistant are anti-corrosive. They are super compatible with any quality of water and last for a long time. The soap dishes have a mesh on their base that allows excess water from the soap bar to drain out quickly, making your bar last longer.

  • Tumbler Holder

Another premium bathroom accessory that helps you keep your morning self-care tool organized is the tumbler holder. Made from Stainless steel or Strong ABS, this material resists corrosion and gives a silver shining look to your vanity and wash basin area.

  • Paper Holder

The tissue paper holder is an important bathroom accessory for your toilet seat. The paper holders from Ruhe are manufactured in robust and durable 304-grade stainless steel that is rust-proof. Even when you have a health faucet installed, a paper holder comes in handy. The flap on the paper holder allows even-tearing of the tissue, protects it from getting wet and gives your toilet area a well-equipped and complete look.

  • Robe Hook

Even with specific places for hanging your clothes and towels, there is always a shortage of storage in the bathroom. The stainless steel robe hook with 2 pins solves the problem. The hooks have a great load-bearing capacity and curved edges that save your clothes from ripping. They are suitable to be installed on bathroom doors and walls.

  • Napkin Ring

Best suited to get installed near your bathroom vanity area and mirror, these napkin rings are stylish and provide you with a designated place to hang your hand towel. After using the wash basin, the first thing that your hand reaches out for is the towel, which can be hung near the basin, using this stainless steel super glossy napkin ring available in multiple designs.

  • Towel Rack

Towel racks on the shower area wall provide you with ample space for storing fresh towels, hanging used or fresh clothes, and other garments that you require in the bathroom. The 304-Grade stainless steel shower racks also have a rail with hooks on them providing you with additional space for storage. The towel racks pose as a complete open closet for your bathrooms.

  • Corner Shelf Tray

The corner shelf tray is manufactured in stainless steel or ABS. The shelf tray comes in a set of 3 trays with sizes – small, medium and large. This set of trays can be installed in your shower area to store, rather neatly organize the toiletries you use in your daily routine. The shelf tray is water-proof and resists rusting due to constant contact with water.

  • Liquid Soap Dispenser

The liquid soap dispensers are a luxurious bathroom accessory that is built with either stainless steel or ABS. This soap dispenser can be installed near your wash basins with liquid handwash or even in the shower areas for shampoo and conditioners.

  • Automatic Liquid Soap Dispensers

These automatic liquid soap dispensers have motion sensors and dispense liquid when you put your hand underneath the nozzle. The amount of liquid dispensed with each squeeze is adequate for single-time use, making your product last longer. They provide a 100% germ-free and hygienic experience with each wash.

  • Grab Bars

Grab Bars are made of pure stainless steel and can be installed near your toilet seats. They are useful for differently-abled, old, pregnant or any person who has had surgeries. The bar provides firm support to the person using it to stand up or sit down on the toilet seat. They have a good capacity to bear the load and can handle a good amount of pressure.

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