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How are Bathroom Telephonic and Non-Telephonic Taps Useful in India?

How are Bathroom Telephonic and Non-Telephonic Taps Useful in India

Ayush Jain |

How are Bathroom Telephonic and Non-Telephonic Taps Useful in India

What are Telephonic Taps?

The term telephonic taps may seem pretty fancy or hi-fi! But in reality, these telephonic faucets are simple wall-mounted mixer taps that have an outlet for the attachment of hand showers. The telephonic wall mixers also come with a holder for your hand showers. In the bathroom fittings industry, this holder is often known as a crutch. The crutch is fixed to the body of the mixer faucet and acts as a stand for your hand showers when they are not in use. The crutch gives the faucet arrangement a neat look.

telephonic brass taps

What are Non-Telephonic Taps?

Non-telephonic taps are the faucets which do not have a specific outlet for attaching a hand shower to the body and do not have a crutch. A non-telephonic tap is basically a standard tap.

Non-Telephonic Taps

Common Benefits of Telephonic and Non-Telephonic Taps

Both are Made Up of Brass Metal

Brass is one of the strongest and most compatible metals with water. This is the reason why brass is widely used to manufacture faucets for bathrooms. Both the telephonic and non-telephonic faucets by Ruhe are manufactured in the pure brass ingot.

Suitable for All Water Pressure Levels

These faucets have a sturdy built and are equipped with core shooter technology due to which the interiors of the faucets are uniform at the corners and edges. This allows endurance against the strong pressure of water. On the other side even if there is low water pressure, the flow of water will still be even due to this technology.

Long-Lasting Use

Ruhe faucets are known for their durability. They are anti-corrosive and resistant to rusting. The faucets are also compatible with places where there is a hard water supply making them ideal for installation in coastal areas.

No Health Harm

Brass is a metal which is said to have purifying ions. Therefore, it purifies the water flow before it reaches you for consumption. This makes it safe for it to be used in the kitchen area – especially the non-telephonic mixer faucets.

Good for Both Hot and Cold Water

Telephonic mixer faucets are made from brass which is a material that has been tested for its capability of withstanding extreme temperatures of water. No matter how hot or cold the water is in your overhead tanks, the faucets function to their full potential without being affected by the temperature.


What are the best water taps for Indian bathrooms?

The best water taps for Indian bathrooms are Telephonic wall mixer faucets in the shower area and double handle basin mixers for the washbasin areas.

Is a brass water tap suitable for hot water from geysers?

Yes. Brass is the most common material used to manufacture faucets. Brass is robust and is tested to withstand extreme temperatures of water. It does not lose its composition or shape like plastic when exposed to Hot water.

Can I use non-telephonic water taps for the kitchen area also?

Yes. Since non-telephonic water taps are simply wall mixers, they can definitely be used in the kitchen sink area. These mixer taps are best for kitchen sink.

Is Ruhe Collection of Taps or Faucet containing all types of water taps?

Yes. Ruhe manufactures and sells all types of faucets that one would require in their home. It specially designs faucets for kitchen sinks and water taps for bathrooms with multiple designs to choose from.


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