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Top 10 Modular Kitchen Fittings in India

Top 10 Modular Kitchen Fittings in India

Ayush Jain |

Renovating your Kitchen or moving into your dream house? Here’s a list of 10 popular kitchen fittings which are a must-have for your modular kitchens!

Top 10 Modular Kitchen Fittings in India

Top Modular Kitchen Fittings List

  • Handmade Kitchen Sink for more space and modern aesthetic

A handmade kitchen sink made of 1.2mm thick 304-grade stainless steel is an ideal sink for modular kitchens. Single bowl or double bowl both are super voluminous and have slightly rounded corners that prevent dirt from sticking.

  • Sink Faucet that compliments the kitchen sink

The sink mixer faucets with long flexible spouts are the best for a modular kitchen setup. The silicon spouts are bendable and can be adjusted as per need. The direction of the flow is controlled, and the faucet allows dual spray options. These make it easier for cooking and washing activities in the sink.

  • Sink Coupling for proper drainage in the sink

A robust sink coupling is essential for keeping the sink dry at all times. It makes the water in the sink drain faster and helps prevent blockage in the waste pipes. A stainless steel coupling perfectly fits with a stainless steel kitchen sink.

  • Robe Hooks for Hanging dusters and wipes

Multiple robe hooks can be installed in many places to hang cleaning clothes, dusters, spatulas, and other kitchen tools to keep the kitchen organized and hygienic. One robe hook must be installed near the sink for a towel. Brass and stainless steel robe hooks are the most viable.

  • Floor Drain with Hole for the kitchen sink waste pipes

A stainless steel floor drain that already has a hole cut in it is the most feasible for completing the kitchen sink installation. You just need to place the kitchen sink waste pipe in the hole and your kitchen sink station is good to go. There is no scope for spillage and mess with these floor drains with holes.

  • Drain Channel in Tile Insert to Make Invisible Drainage

To give your kitchens a luxurious look you can always install invisible drains for draining out excess water after cleaning. These tile-insert and marble-insert drain channels integrate smoothly with the kitchen flooring and become absolutely hidden. They have a cockroach trap attached to their side hole that prevents pests and odour.

  • Soap Dish/Soap Dispenser for a non-messy kitchen area

Keeping a soap dish or a liquid soap dispenser near your kitchen sink is a good way to keep your area clean and non-messy. The soap dishes allow your detergent bars to last longer as they drain out the water and scum.

  • PVC Waste Pipe for instant drainage

Make sure you get a PVC waste pipe installed under your drop-in sinks for drainage. The PVC material has evolved over the years to be one of the most resilient materials for such uses and is tested for hot and cold temperatures of the water and ensures quick drainage of wastewater.

  • Shelf Tray for More Space storage space

Instead of keeping everything inside the closed cabinets of a modular kitchen, it is easier to get shelf trays wall-mounted for better accessibility and a much more organized look. You can use these shelf trays to keep things that are used regularly for cooking.

  • Kitchen Sink Wall Mixer – Cold and Hot Water Mixer

In cold weather, it is always advised that you have a hot water outlet in your kitchen sink for geyser water so that you can comfortably wash utensils in the winter. This can be accomplished by installing single-lever or double-lever wall mixers with swivel spouts that allow you to mix col and hot water to get the desired temperature.