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Top 8 Reasons to Use Diverter Valves in Shower Room

Top 8 Reasons to Use Diverter Valves in Shower Room

Ayush Jain |

A bathroom divertor/diverter is a valve that controls the flow of water in a shower or bathtub or regular faucet. It is typically installed in the wall and connected to the main water supply. The purpose of a bathroom diverter is to redirect the flow of water from the main showerhead to a secondary component, such as a handheld showerhead, body sprays, or a bathtub spout. With a diverter, you can switch between different shower components to customize your showering experience and optimize water pressure and flow rate.

Need a little more assurance as to why you need to go for diverters for your contemporary bathrooms?

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Top 8 Reasons to Use Diverter Valves in Shower Room

Here are the top 8 reasons to use a diverter valve in your shower rooms:-

  1. Water Pressure Control: Diverter valves allow you to control the water pressure and flow rate to different shower components, such as a handheld showerhead or body jets, providing a customized and comfortable showering experience.
  2. Temperature control: Diverter allow you to control the desired water temperature with a simple right and left operation. You can also control the intensity of the temperature at your convenience.
  3. Improved Shower Functionality: With a diverter, you can switch between different shower components, such as a showerhead, hand shower, or body sprays, to increase the functionality and versatility of your shower.
  4. Easy Maintenance: Diverter valves make it easier to maintain and clean your shower components, as they allow you to isolate and remove each component individually.
  5. Space Saving: In small bathrooms, a diverter can help save valuable space by combining multiple shower components into a single valve.
  6. Aesthetics: Diverters can add a sleek and stylish look to your shower room by eliminating the need for multiple valves and knobs, making it easier to achieve a streamlined and cohesive design. Diverters are a perfect match for contemporary bathrooms.
  7. Durable: Since the main operational body is installed within the wall, it is mostly protected from getting damaged due to regular wear and tear. Since there is also a very low chance of getting frequent repair work.
  8. Enhanced Safety: In some cases, a shower diverter can be installed at a safe height for individuals who have mobility issues, making it easier for them to control the flow of water.


Which Brand is the Best for Shower Diverter Valves?

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Is It Safe to Buy Shower Fittings like Diverters Online in India?

Yes, it is safe to buy shower fittings, including diverters, online in India. There are many reputable online retailers, like Ruhe that offer a wide selection of shower fittings, including diverters, at competitive prices.

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