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Top Designer Kitchen Fittings from Brand’s Catalogue

Top 10 Modular Kitchen Fittings from brand

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Here’s a list of Ruhe’s most-selling popular Kitchen Fittings!

Top 10 Modular Kitchen Fittings from brand's catalogue

List of Top Branded Fittings for Your Kitchen:

  1. Kitchen Sinks:

    Kitchen Sinks are made in Thick and ductile stainless steel Handmade sinks as well as quartz sinks are popular. The classic square and oval sinks are also available in multiple sizes and a choice of finish – matte & glossy. The sinks come with a 10-year warranty and are 100% made in India.
    branded kitchen sink
  2. Sink Faucet/Tap for Easy Wash of Utensils:

    A wide range of kitchen sink Brass faucet designs is available at Ruhe which come with a 10-year assured warranty. Ruhe offers Sink faucets with swivel spouts and sink mixers with swivel spouts with an option of the spout length. All these faucets are made with pure brass ingot and have a 3-tier surface protection chrome plating that gives a glossy finish.
    branded faucet
  3. Sink Coupling that keeps the sink Dry:

    The sink couplings are available in round and square shapes for your sinks. They are included in the package if you buy a new sink. The Stainless Steel sink couplings prevent blockages in the sewage pipes and ensure quick drainage to keep the sink dry and rust-resistant for a long time.
  4. Waste Pipe for Easy Drainage:

    An essential kitchen fitting, the waste pipe is the lifeline of the kitchen. It drains out the water from the sink into the sewage. A blocked pipe can bring your kitchen activities to a halt. PVC Super flow Waste pipes at ruhe are heat-resistant and allow smooth flow of wastewater.

  5. Floor Drain with Hole and Cockroach Trap to Secure Kitchen from Cockroaches:

    A stainless steel floor drain with a cockroach trap with an inbuilt hole to attach the drainpipe of the kitchen sink. The cockroach trap floor drains to prevent blockages in the main drainpipe, odour, and pests from polluting the kitchen area. A waste pipe is included in the package of the kitchen sink and is available separately as well.

  6. RO Taps:

    The new RO taps for under-the-sink water purifiers are becoming a must in modern kitchens. They are sleek and stylish and made of solid lead-free brass making them absolutely safe for drinking water purposes.

  7. Angle Valve to Control Water Supply:

    Angle valves are important for kitchen sinks as you can control the flow of water in case there’s a leakage in your tap or some problem in your sink. It acts as a switch to control the flow so that water is not wasted and the repairs can take place hassle-free.

  8. Soap Dish/Dispenser for Dish Soap Bar or Liquid:

    For a more organized kitchen sink area, you can install wall-mounted soap dispensers or wall-mounted soap dishes to store the detergent bars or liquid. They save space and give a contemporary aesthetic to the kitchen.

  9. Hooks to Hang Accessories Near Sink:

    Usually, robe hooks are meant for bathrooms, but these days hanging hand towels in the kitchens is becoming more of a hygiene statement. Multiple hooks can be installed or wall-mounted at different places in the sink to wipe hands, especially near your kitchen sink area where you are likely to wet your hands.

  10. Sink Foam Pad for Silence in the Kitchen:

    Ruhe Sinks already come with sound-deadening foam pads attached to them. However, you need to buy these, Ruhe’s sound-dampening pads are effective and can significantly reduce noise from running water and utensils clashing in the sinks, making your kitchens quieter.