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Sink Foam Pad

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What Are Sound-Deadening Foam Pads?

A sound-deadening foam pad with respect to a kitchen sink is a type of material that is used to reduce the noise produced when the sink is in use.

Kitchen sinks, especially those made of stainless steel, can be quite noisy when washing dishes or running water. The sound of water hitting the sink or utensils clanging against the metal can create quite a bit of noise.

To combat this, some kitchen sinks come with sound-deadening pads. These pads are made from a foam or rubber material that absorbs sound vibrations. They're typically attached to the underside of the sink, covering a large portion of the surface area. The pads absorb the vibrations caused by water hitting the sink or utensils being dropped into it, which reduces the overall noise level.

Where Are They Attached?

The placement of the sound-deadening pads is different in different types of sinks:

  • - Handmade Sinks: Sound-proof pads are stuck on all four sides of the sink.
  • - Hydraulic Round & Square Sink: Below the surface of the sink. On the outer side.

Do I Need to Buy These Soundproof Pads Separately at Ruhe?

No. All Ruhe kitchen sinks come with sound-deadening foam pads attached to them. Except for quartz kitchen sink that have natural sound-proofing qualities due to their thick material.

Why Choose Ruhe’s Sound-Deadening Foam Pads?

  • - 1 Years Warranty
  • - Sustainable & Authentic Material
  • - 100% made in India
  • - 30 Days Easy Return & Exchange

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