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What Are The Best Materials For Essential Kitchen Sink Fittings?

What Are The Best Materials For Essential Kitchen Sink Fittings

Ayush Jain |

As important as it is for your modular kitchens and traditional kitchens to look good and give you the utmost convenience, it is equally important that the material of the kitchen sink fittings have to be appropriate, strong, and durable.

What are Kitchen Sink Fittings?

Kitchen sink fittings are all the fixtures that are installed on, above, under and near your kitchen sinks to make the sink area fully functional and a complete workstation.

Top 8 Kitchen Sink Fittings & the best material for them

  • Kitchen Sink – 304-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL

The most important kitchen sink fitting is the kitchen sink itself and the most appropriate material for a kitchen sink is 304-Grade Stainless Steel. Owing to this steel’s robust composition that contains about 8% nickel, the material effectively resists corrosion due to hard water and rust which is one of the most important characteristics your kitchen sink should have.

  • Sink Coupling - 304-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL

When your sink is of the top-most-quality steel which is 304-Grade, the sink coupling should be equally competent. After all, it is the coupling that drains your water. Ideally, a 304-Grade stainless steel sink coupling is the best material for kitchen sink drainage. Moreover, this steel is highly malleable which allows it to be shaped and moulded as per the requirement. So big sinks can have big couplings, and small ones can have small ones.

  • Kitchen Sink Waste Pipe- PVC

The waste pipe that connects your sink coupling to the floor drain has to be strong enough to endure regular drainage of waste and water. The PVC material is the best for kitchen sink waste pipes as the material is tested to withstand extreme temperatures of water, thick enough to avoid any slitting and ripping in case of sharp-edged waste and has smooth interiors to allow fast and smooth drainage.

  • Sound-Deadning Pad - FOAM

These days a lot of households stick sound deadening or sound absorbing pads under their kitchen sink. The ideal material for these pads should be Foam, as it is lightweight and does not add to the overall weight of the sink. The foam pads are also known to effectively absorb all the noise from clashing utensils and running water.

  • Sink Faucet - BRASS

Kitchen sink faucets are best manufactured in pure brass ingot that are chrome plated. The brass mixer faucets with swivel spouts are ideal for all kinds of kitchen sinks. The brass with 0% lead content makes for one of the safest materials for kitchen use and the material is well-known for its resistance to rusting and decaying due to water.

  • Geyser Connection Pipe

Most kitchens have geysers for the convenience of having hot water to wash utensils during winter. The best material for connection pipes for geysers is PTMT as the material has a high level of endurance to extremely hot water which is a crucial characteristic for geyser pipes.

  • Soap Dish – ABS

A soap dish is necessary to be kept near your kitchen sinks to store your utensil cleaning bars near your kitchen sink. An ABS soap dish is ideal as the polymer does not react with the chemicals in the soap bard and is easy to clean as it is water resistant and easy to maintain.


Apart from storing any kind of soap other things like abrasives, brushes, and mops, also need to be stored near the kitchen sink. For this, a shelf tray can be installed near your kitchen sink. A premium stainless steel shelf tray is ideal as it matches the aesthetic of your kitchen sink and gives you space to organize your cleaning and rinsing tools.


Where can I buy all kitchen sink fittings and accessories in India?

Ruhe is the one stop shop for all your kitchen fittings and accessories. You can make your purchases at the Ruhe online store hassle-free.

Which is the top brand for kitchen sink and its accessories?

Ruhe brand is the top brand that manufactures and sells 100% made in India kitchen sinks and kitchen sink accessories.

What are the fittings of sink for modular kitchen?

A good brass faucet, a sink coupling, a wastepipe, shelf trays to organize, floor drain, are few must-have kitchen sink accessories for a modular kitchen.

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