• Benefits of PTMT Taps for Bathroom

    Benefits of PTMT Taps for Bathroom
    Bathrooms are basically places for self-care, grooming, and maintaining hygiene! Standard bathroom fixtures and accessories include washbasins, toilets, showerheads, and bathtubs, as well as bidets, drawers, shelves, and other items. With the belief in constant innovation and keeping up with the changing needs of the consumers, Ruhe brings to you a fresh range of PTMT Faucets. Before introducing the beautiful range of Ruhe’s PTMT Faucet Collection, here’s...
  • Top Kitchen Sink Ideas for Better Kitchen Design

    Top Kitchen Sink Ideas for Better Kitchen Design
    Kitchen sinks are the lifeline of a kitchen, rather it is the key to sustenance for the entire household. The kitchen sink offers a contained space for chores that require water and reduces splatter and the mess that the water creates. It supplies water for all your cooking and washing needs. A kitchen sink is a necessity, so much so that we often overlook...
  • Overhead Shower - Dance in the Rain of Luxury

    While some like to bathe in a rain-like setting, others wish to take a long and soothing shower for relaxation. Needless to say, the usefulness of a shower in our everyday life cannot be underestimated. Many of us look forward to a great refreshing shower to start and finish the day because of the sensation of revitalization and absolute calmness we get while bathing in a...
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