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Bath Tub Spouts (Tip-Ton Button)

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Where Are These Bathtub Spouts Installed?

Both types of bathtub spouts are installed on the wall above the bathtub. Their placement is crucial to their functionality and aesthetics of the bathroom.

Why Are Bath Tub Spouts the Perfect Fitting to Install in Case You Have a Diverter?

Bathtub spouts are the perfect fitting to install if you have a diverter because they allow for seamless transition between different water outputs, enhancing functionality and convenience. They enable you to switch the water flow from the spout to a showerhead or hand shower, catering to your bathing preferences.

At What Height from the Floor Should the Bathtub Faucet be Wall Mounted?

The ideal height for mounting a bathtub faucet, measured from the floor, is typically between 25 to 28 inches (63.5 to 71 cm). However, this height can vary depending on the specific bathtub design and user preferences. It's crucial to ensure that the spout is high enough to clear the side of the tub and provide a convenient flow of water.

Why Chrome Plated Brass Bathtub Faucets Are the Best Choice for Bathrooms?

Chrome-plated brass bath tub faucets are an excellent choice for both bathrooms & bathtubs, and it's easy to see why. Firstly, their stunning aesthetic appeal adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space.

The high shine and mirror-like finish of chrome provides a clean and contemporary look that complements a wide range of interior styles. More than just their appearance, chrome-plated bathtub faucets are known for their exceptional durability.

Brass is a robust material that resists corrosion and rust, ensuring longevity, while the chrome plating adds an extra layer of protection, making the bathtub faucet even more resilient. This resilience is particularly valuable in the high-moisture environments of bathrooms.

Furthermore, chrome faucets are easy to clean and maintain, often requiring just a quick wipe with a soft cloth to restore their sparkle. These combined attributes of beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance make chrome-plated brass bathtub faucets an excellent choice for any home.

Why Choose Ruhe’s Brass Taps?

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What is the Price Range of Bathtub Faucets in India?

Price range of bathtub spouts between: ₹1,100 to ₹1,400

Top Design Series of Bathtub Faucets
  1. - Elixir BathTub Spout with Tip-Ton Brass Faucet
  2. - Demure BathTub Spout with Tip-Ton Brass Faucet
  3. - Pristine BathTub Spout with Tip-Ton Brass Faucet
  4. - Eclipse BathTub Spout with Tip-Ton Brass Faucet
What is the Difference Between a Plain Bath Tub Spout and a Tip-Ton Bathtub Spout?

A plain bathtub spout and a tip-ton bathtub spout, while similar, have distinctive features. A plain bathtub spout, as the name suggests, is a straightforward bathtub tap that directs water into the tub. It typically has no additional features and its sole function is to fill the tub.

A tip-ton bathtub spout, on the other hand, is a more versatile fixture. This type of spout includes a diverter that redirects water flow from the spout to another fixture such as a hand shower, making it an ideal bathtub spout with a hand shower.

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