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Quartz Single Bowl Kitchen Sink - Matte Black (31 x 19 x 9 inches) - by Ruhe®

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  • MATERIAL:  Kitchen Sinks are manufactured in Premium 10-14mm Thick Quartz Material (Quartz is a combination of Acrylic Resins and Quartz Stone).

  • FINISH: Non-fading UV Protected Matte Finish.

  • HYGIENIC: Quartz material is non-porous and naturally resists bacteria, ensuring a hygienic sink bowl.

  • HEAT-RESISTANCE: Quartz sinks are highly heat resistant and can endure heat upto 279°C.

  • SOUND-ABSORPTION: Thick Quartz Material has Natural soundproofing qualities to absorb the noise of running water or utensils.

  • DURABILITY: Anti-Corrosive, Impact-resistant and Rust-Proof material ensures long lasting durability. The sink bowl can bear upto 950kgs of weight. 

  • MAINTENANCE:  Regular maintenance required – Clean with soft scrubbers and liquid detergents, dry sink after each use to prevent water and salt deposits, and avoid abrasives and harsh chemicals like acids or bleach.

  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: India, Manufactured, Packaged & Marketed by Ruhe Solutions Pvt. Ltd, 100% Made in India.

  • PACKAGE CONTENTS:  1 Quartz Sink, 1 Sink Coupling, 1 PVC Waste Pipe (30 Inches), 1 Adjustable & Sliding Strainer Basket.

Q. What is quartz material?
A. Quartz is a durable and attractive engineered stone made from natural quartz particles and Acrylic resin.

Q. Is quartz material good for sinks?
A. Yes, quartz is excellent for sinks due to its strength, non-porous nature, natural sound-absorbing qualities and contemporary appearance.

Q. What is the difference between a quartz sink and a granite sink?
A. Quartz sinks are engineered for uniformity and enhanced durability, while granite sinks are natural stones with unique color and pattern variations. Quartz is more resistant to chipping and requires less maintenance.

Q. Can a quartz sink break if too much pressure is put?
A. RUHE quartz sinks can bear up to 950 kgs of weight and are impact-resistant.

Q. What are the tiny water droplets under the sink's surface?
A. These are usually condensation droplets that form due to temperature differences and are harmless.

Q. Does quartz sink soak water?
A. No, the sink is non-porous and does not soak water, preventing it from any bacterial growth.

Q. Are quartz sinks compatible with hot water or extreme heat?
A. Yes, quartz sinks can withstand hot water and heat (up to 279 degrees Celcius) without damage.

Q. What should I use to clean the sink if it gets oil and spice stains?
A. Use mild dish soap and warm water to easily clean oil and spice stains from the sink.

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Very Satisfied

Sarfaraz Alam
Sarfaraz Alam

The sink is good and strong. The packaging for delivery was very excellent and safe. Nice product with a metallic adjustable tray.

Anil rawat

Quartz Single Bowl Kitchen Sink - Matte Black (31 x 19 x 9 inches) - by Ruhe®

Manpreet Kaur

Quartz Single Bowl Kitchen Sink - Matte Black (31 x 19 x 9 inches) - by Ruhe®


Wow product

RUHE Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Quartz Single Bowl Kitchen Sink - Matte Black (31 x 19 x 9 inches) - by Ruhe®

Rs. 9,421.00 Rs. 12,561.00
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