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Floor Drain Jali Near Me in Jaipur, Rajasthan

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Best Floor Drain Seller in Jaipur

Looking for the best floor drain and drain cover manufacturers in Jaipur, Rajasthan? Don’t waste your time hopping through marketplaces! Ruhe is an online bathroom and floor drain cover store & shop in Jaipur.

Ruhe is India’s leading floor drain manufacturers and wholesalers that sells floor drain covers in Jaipur. With the 10 Years Warranty on stainless steel floor drains manufacturer provides home delivery in Jaipur.

Floor drains are available in 304-Grade Stainless Steel and Premium Stainless-Steel material. Drain covers are available in multiple standard sizes that are popular in the market in Jaipur. 100% Made in India floor drains are available in multiple designs.

Become a Dealer of Floor Drains in Jaipur

Dealers & Distributors of Floor Drains in Jaipur can also start selling Ruhe Kitchen & Bathroom Fittings in their respective shops.

Ruhe brand is one of the top 5 steel floor drain manufacturers companies in Jaipur. If you want dealership from the Ruhe brand, you can contact us via email, phone, or WhatsApp.

  • - Call Now: +91 9205993312
  • - Email Us: support@ruheindia.com

Top Selling Sizes of Drain Covers in Jaipur

3 Inches, 4 Inches, 4.5 Inches, 5 Inches, 5.5 Inches, 6 Inches, 8 Inches, 10 Inches, 5x5 Inches, 6x6 Inches, 8x8 Inches, 12x2 Inches, 12x4 Inches, 12x5 Inches, 12x12 Inches, 18x2 Inches, 18x3 Inches, 18x4 Inches, 18x5 Inches, 24x2 Inches, 24x3 Inches, 24x4 Inches, 24x5 Inches, 32x2 Inches, 32x3 Inches, 32x4 Inches, 32x5 Inches, 36x2 Inches, 36x3 Inches, 36x4 Inches, 36x5 Inches, 40x2 Inches, 40x3 Inches, 40x4 Inches, 40x5 Inches, 48x3 Inches, 48x4 Inches, 48x5 Inches.

Top 10 Designs of Floor Drains in Jaipur

  1. - Classic Floor Trap Jali
  2. - Diamond Bathroom Drain Cover
  3. - Emerald Bathroom Drain Jali
  4. - Flat Classic Cockroach Jali
  5. - Full Moon Bathroom Drainage Cover
  6. - Opal Shower Channel Drain
  7. - Pearl Shower Drain
  8. - Round Bathroom Drain Jali
  9. - Ruby Tile Insert Floor Drain
  10. - Sapphire Washing Machine Floor Drain

Top 10 Bathroom Floor Drains in Jaipur

  1. - Vertical Bathroom Floor Drain
  2. - Wave Bathroom Jali Steel
  3. - Square Bathroom Jali Square
  4. - Saturn Bathroom Jali Cover
  5. - Marble Bathroom Drain Trap
  6. - Palo Bathroom Water Outlet
  7. - One Drain Strainer
  8. - Luxury Drainer For Bathroom
  9. - Luxury Palo Bathroom ki Jali
  10. - Luxury Pearl Bathroom Water Drain Jali

Top 10 Kitchen Floor Drain Jali in Jaipur

  1. - Luxury Opal Water Drain Jali
  2. - Luxury Wave Drainage Pipe Cover
  3. - Tile Insert Drain
  4. - Palo Floor Drain Cover
  5. - Drain Jali With Hole & Cap
  6. - Tile Insert Shower Drain
  7. - Drain Cover Plate & Drain Hole Cover Plate
  8. - Anti Cockroach Drain Cover
  9. - Floor Drain Strainer
  10. - SS Drain Jali

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